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Someone needs to set this guy up with the authorities to implicate him and his fiance for fraud. I know who his fiance is and how to locate them both. Both of them have criminal records. The pair can be indicted for conspiracy because they are each involved together. The fact is that both of them are drug addicts (heroine) and each have criminal pasts. They are both trying to dodge the authorities and have illegitimate incomes. These are career criminals, so be careful. Right now they are desperate for money because they have felonies they are still trying to pay off and are close to going back to jail for not paying their fines. They are getting very desperate.

I know where to find Joshua Astorian (aka Robinson). [SNIP] If you guys are really trying to find him, file a police report... I'll get an address for you if you're serious about pressing charges.

A Concerned Citizen

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