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General Discussion / Artist Critique Sessions - Suggestion
« on: July 22, 2006, 12:24:38 pm »
I had an idea where every month or other allotted amount of time, we could have a sort of artist critique.  Someone on the board or in general. 

My general idea is to go and look at the selected artists previous works.  When we have found these works we have a look at how they use their techniques IE:  amount of dithering, shading style, colour selection, posing, etc.  The artists sign up, and then we vote.  I have the sign up so that they don't have their work evaluated and their works studied and scrutinised against their will.   

I realise the downside to this may be people imitating peoples styles, and this is another reason why you sign up.  Though I feel that by studying these artists work, we can elp people realise how toexecute certain techniques, and what to do.  I also wish, though not necessary, that people post their process when they go about starting a piece. 

Just a Suggestion, and don't bite me :P

General Discussion / C64 pallette
« on: July 20, 2006, 10:14:24 am »
First off I know there are several different pallettes because of sometnig to do with tuning.  Secondly, I would like to attain a pallette commonly used among people trying to use such a pallette.

And thirdly, could someone refresh me on the restrictions per 8x8 square. 

I hate to ask so much, but I want to try and improve myself.  Looking at some C64 stuff, I saw that it could look good, and I want to learn how to use colours in a smart way. 

Pixel Art / Micro banner-generic pose
« on: July 20, 2006, 09:28:13 am »

The pose is generic I know.  Look to the skies, spread out your arms. 
Basically I wanted a sorta .takam shading style, but I didn't exactly get the look I wanted. But I like this alot.  Also went for a tremulant style outline.  Also here I did not achieve it IMO.  But I like this a lot. 
Still needs some finishing, and the 2 colour schemes are there for fun. 

C+C appreciated.   

Pixel Art / Little RPG Knight - WIP
« on: June 28, 2006, 01:11:06 am »

I cant figure out the legs properly, the head is warped, and I stink at arms.  Basically, im at a standstill. 

EDIT:  I did something to finish it.  I like it ATM

Hate limbs,


Pixel Art / Link - Quick little guy
« on: June 24, 2006, 07:36:52 am »

Just messing around with hue Shift.  Not that noticeable IMO. 

General Discussion / Prologue WIP- for a book im writing
« on: June 10, 2006, 01:45:41 am »

The man lying on the ground in flowing black robes stirred.  He lay face down in the dirt, his black garment obscuring his body from view. 


His eyes flickered open, showing grey irises.  A gust of wind whistled through rock formations in a haunting way, rustling the knee high grass, and blowing dirt that was being shaken up by the recurring, rhythmic tremors.  The wind became still, and the suspended dirt was silhouetted by the low, blood rays of the setting sun.  The manís face contorted as the wind blew again.  Finally awoken, he rose.

He brushed dirt off his face, and his features where made apparent.  Dark brown hair framed his face, and his chin was rough with stubble. His grey eyes glistened, reflecting the horizon.  The wind blustered into his face, and his robes parted, revealing red clothes beneath.  The threads on these garments were shimmering gold, and there was a strange symbol embroidered into his clothes.  Collecting his robes, he buttoned up all the buttons from the collar to his crotch area, allowing free movement of his legs.  He stretched his legs, and his surprisingly well polished boots caught the light as they moved above the long grass.  Still waking up, he lost his balance while stretching and fell backwards to the ground.  He chuckled to himself, and steadily came back up to his feet.  He suddenly realized that there was still rhythmic pounding, and he started to survey his surroundings.

The horizon appeared empty apart from the various trees, rocks, and the occasional termite mound.  But he had to find the origin of those recurring tremors.  He continued to rotate around, his piercing stare scanning every inch of the surrounding plains.  He saw nothing, and decided to climb to the top of the nearest rock structure for a better vantage point.

     He burst forth like a breaking dam to the structure, though he had second thoughts as he neared it, as every tremor shook up loose dust from the near vertical face.  Gliding softly and swiftly through the grass, he noticed that it started to thin out and shorten the closer he got to the tower of stone, probably due to rocky, hard soil.  It consisted of a main spire, and several small ledges, the largest being barely enough for him to sit on in a comfortable position.  Some of these larger ledges doubled as entrances to caves.  Scrambling to the top, his view gradually gained distance.  When there were no more hand holds, he pulled out a dagger and tested the strength of the rock by pushing until it was in enough to stay there on its own.  Judging by the force needed, his dagger would hold, but he would not be able to get it out.

   Holding his dagger firmly, he prepared himself jump as high as he could go.  He took a deep breath, and leapt up.  He seemed to fly due to the graceful movement of his robes.  He tightened his grip on the knife, and slammed it into the wall.  It went into the hilt, and the force of impact had cracked the wall around the blade.  Now at a higher point of view, he began to see tiny pinpricks of shadow on the horizon.  Originating from some of these pinpricks were pins, tiny lines of darkness that he was sure had something sharp that could inflict pain on the end.  And there was no way he could outrun them, for they stretched as far as the eye could see. 

       Now faced with getting down, he grabbed rope from one of his voluminous pockets.  He tightened the grip he had with his legs, and began to tie the rope to the hilt of his dagger.  When he was satisfied with the knot, he began to belay himself down.  Now aware of where the noise was coming from, he decided he might as well wait.  So he set out to find somewhere to rest.  He found that the caves in the rock formation were larger than the cramped entrances led you to believe.  He found a suitable one thatís entrance he had to crawl with his belly on the ground to enter.  One disadvantage was that the sound of the oncoming march reverberated throughout the cave, and was quite distracting.  He took off his robes and put it at the mouth of the cave.  He then reached into an inside pocket in which resided a few matches and a striker.  He then chastised himself for not collecting wood and kindling.  He felt around for his robes again and he pulled them off the entrance way.       

   He pushed his robes out ahead of him, and pulled himself through the opening.  The man pulled his garb around him, and started propelling himself to the nearest tree.  He glided across the ground and found that, to his glee, that there were dried out branches at the base of the tree, which provided a wide area of shade.  Taking a larger, straighter piece of wood, he laid out his robes, snapped the branches into smaller portions, and placed these portions on top of his garment.  He took the long, straight branch and tied his robes to it to form a sling.  Taking them back up to his temporary abode proved difficult, but he got there in a reasonable slot of time.

   He took the makeshift bag off its support pole, and slid it through the opening.  Taking rocks from around the mouth of the cave, he noticed that the pinpricks on the horizon were considerably closer.  He rolled what he had collected into the cave, and he followed suit.  Now ready to get settled in, he put a wall up around where he would place his fire, built a teepee of wood in the center, and struck a match.  He had made these matches at great expense, due to criminals that had been attacking supply routes and travel for merchants these days took a lot of convincing.     

Please critique.  I am halfway through typing the prologue up.  And be nice :P  im only 13(true story)
I dont really care.  say whatever.

Pixel Art / Robot sprite
« on: May 30, 2006, 12:12:52 am »
I made this while bored. The red things are place holders for weapons.   Fairly happy with the pose.  Cant figure out its right leg. 

EDIT:  Forgot the piccy.

Pixel Art / Soldier
« on: May 04, 2006, 10:14:28 am »
 The line art was originally made by alkaline of the Pixel Joint Forum.

And here are my works,

First one.

Found the folds ugly.  So I redid it. 

Very happy with this.

PS.  I deleted the ciggy as it advocates drug use. :P

Pixel Art / CT looking sprite attempt
« on: May 02, 2006, 07:33:16 am »
I made this while very bored.  I cant say much more than that.

And with a lighter background. 

Pixel Art / Wierd scene
« on: April 18, 2006, 02:46:57 am »
I made this as a basic design for a main char.  Basically He is leaping for a weapon of some description.
I am aware that the proportion is wacko. 

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