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Yeah the stat wheel looks pretty inelegant since I modified the maximum possible stats, it squished the lines right down, they used to look a lot sleeker, I'll have to adjust for that. I will work with the new artist to redesign the communication of creatures stats.

I was inspired in part by Jade Cocoon and Jade Cocoon 2, having fewer numbers and more pictorial communication. 

Thank you, hopefully that is better now.

Good afternoon, my name is Daniel and I am a co-founder of Equites Studios. We are an indie studio working on our first game Necromancer: The Fight For Life. A monster collection RPG which we want to make look stylistically very similar to Chronotrigger but with a more muted palette.

Our goal is to pay an artist or artists to completely redo the art for the first hour of game-play, enough for us to showcase the game and launch a Kickstarter to attempt to fund the rest. At this time all of the art has been made by me and are only rudimentary placeholder assets.

The types of assets can be divided up as-
Over-world Tiles and Assets
Town and Dungeon Tiles and Assets
Town and Dungeon Character Sprites / Animations
Menus and UI
Battle Backgrounds
Battle Character Sprites / Animations (many many of these as it is a monster collection game)
Battle Magic and Action Effects / Animations

Below are some screenshots of what we have now, again all currently placeholder assets but give a sense of the scope of the game.

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We are very happy to offer fair rates for work, especially as we would like to work with people who are happy to take part in some of the design process. We would like to work on a basis of offering an artist an extensive asset list and a set amount of money per month ($100 to $400 a month) with the agreement that they will work through as much of the asset list as that money will allow for, as we have no firm deadlines at this time. Basically, we are offering a retainer fee.

Please reply, private message or email with any questions or proposals. Those with references will be moved to the top of the list as we have been burned in the past.

Thank you for your time,


Apologies if I don't embed this properly, I'm doing this from my phone. This is not an actual job offer yet, just research for budgeting.

I'm curious how much I could reasonably expect to pay for this character including the brief animation (ignore the background).

More importantly how much could I reasonably expect to pay for the same character with 5 different animations of the same quality / complexity.

If you do not feel comfortable telling me publicly please feel free to private message me. Thank you!

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