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Job offers / [Team] Need pixel artist for Characters/Stages 2D Platform
« on: September 30, 2015, 11:55:31 pm »
Hi everybody!

My name is Dylan and I am looking for an ARTIST to join me on completing one game, then if all works out, many more.

Let me start by discussing the game a bit, to see if this is worth your time. I have started, and created a good amount of coding, on a 2D platforming battle game. It has a smash brothers feel to it, but is much more simplistic. By simplistic, I mean that you have 5 major controls during battle:
1. Moving/Jumping 2. Forward Attack 3.Air Smash 4.Dodging 5.Special
The game is based on knocking the other player off the stage. All of the characters have unique personalities/styles/range of motions and attacks looks and feels. Keeping the controls simplistic and keeping the game fast paced, is the main appeal. Games could last as little as 15 seconds and as long as....really long unless it is timed mode. :)

I am looking for a Pixel Artist to help me bring our game to fruition. I am going to list things as detailed as possible to give as much information I can about the position.

PIXEL ARTIST: I am looking for a pixel artist who can create characters and their animations, backgrounds, and help with creating the menus.
1. Idle 2. Running 3.Jumping 4.Crouching 5.Dodging 6.Attacking Forward
7.Attacking Down(from air) 8.Hit (when hit by an attack) 9. Special Attack 10. Winning
More may be added later. ***I have an idea of what the look of the game should be, but any styles are welcome and encouraged because nothing is set in stone for art style***

Feel free to message me or reply here with portfolio or just examples of what you can do!

Hope to hear from all of you soon!


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