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Job offers / Studio Luxi is hiring artists.
« on: July 10, 2015, 04:57:30 pm »
Studio Luxi is a games development outfit that has been in stealth mode for close to 2 years now, focusing exclusively on the core logic of the game we are building (which we have yet to even give a name to, the codename is quite simply "Oh God we need to name this thing!").

We are a small team of 4, with all 4 team members having professional industry experience... we simply decided we wanted to do our own things. Not one of us is a designer though, between us we would struggle to draw a circle.

The Project

A constantly evolving and updating 2D RPG that ends differently each time you play through it. Every action has a reaction. You shape the world around you. Of course it wouldn't be an epic game without magic, multiple dimensions, time travel, the fate of the world and so forth. We also have dragons. Everybody loves dragons!

Currently the main quest line has roughly 200 hours of game play, which leaves hundreds of hours worth of side quests and general exploration. We're attempting to create a game with damn near infinite deployability, and we think we're doing fairly well!

The game will launch on Windows, OS X, PS4 and PS Vita to start. We are considering mobile deployments to both iOS and Android, and this is currently under discussion.

The Style

Sprite style of characters and monsters is extremely similar to Ragnarok Online ( is a great resource if you're unfamiliar with the style). Sprites need to move in 8 directions.

Terrain style will be familiar to anybody who has played games from the golden era of Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy VI, etc.

The Positions

Character artist ( you'll be responsible for making the sprites, including characters, monsters and that annoying treasure chest that you can't reach ).

Terrain artist ( ooh, that lava is really pretty ).

Concept artist ( you'll be extremely talented and capable of work on par with ).

All positions are paid. Budget is negotiable. We're open to both hourly and flat-rate. Not interested in profit sharing for the most part.


If you're interested, contact us via and we'll get back to you. Ideally include a portfolio and an idea of your rates.

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