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Okay, you, Phoenix, are amazing, how much would I need to pay you for graphics for a game most likly going on steam greenlight when it is finished.

Hello, I really, really, like what you're doing, if you say how much you'd need. Then I'll Hire you for work on my project!
For more info:

I really do enjoy your style, although the graphics look like they were from the NES (not many colors, simple design.), I'm trying to find more of an SNES vibe (A lot of colors, some detail.).
But, that's fine, really.
Are you good with Top-down graphics?

Hello, I am Jackson (or Lightning Strike), the CEO of Impossible Studios. I recently started it, and I see that there are many people
here that want jobs, and I'm currently looking for a programmer, a Graphic Designer, and a Music Composer for our new game, a
16-bit pixel art SNES vibe puzzle role-playing game. In which you are a shadowian (an human-animal hybrid which can turn into multiple animals, and use the animals abilities), and you have to get new party members and go through space and time to get past the evil "he", "he"'s the embodiment of darkness, picture him as...giygas from earthbound.

Just say how much I'd pay you per-whatever. And, I'll check your portfolio, and say that you're in the team if you are.

Our team (so far):





Graphic Designers:

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And maybe you're gonna submit your portfolio.

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