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Pixel Art / Re: oh another... round1... fight!
« on: April 06, 2006, 11:14:04 am »
Well... the character doesn't really express as to why he looks the way he does. I would think it would be smarter to fight with his mechanical arm. Don't know what that thing in his head is, maybe show that off a bit more. This is more an issue of tase, but the pink pants don't work at all for me... If they somehow explained the character, maybe. But right now...  :-\

I should check here more often. Lots of quality stuff on display.

Filax_666: I was browsing the topic and thought there was something familiar about you character. Thought you had just got similar colours, but I didn't read that you actually used mine for reference. Somehow, I feel really flattered. Heh, when I got a closer look at him, I sort of get the idea that he's his little brother.

"Let's go for a drink, eh?" "You're buying."

Stitchy: Lookin' good there. Just a minor nitpic. When you added the scarf, her lower hand's shape gets washed out. Maybe add an outline?

Steven: A few things I'd like to point out. Noticed that your characters legs have the knees to high. Mostly the left one. On his right arm, there isn't any bulge separating the shoulder from the biceps, just a straight line. The cloth thing between his legs is bending to the right and should really be falling down. Lastly, his left hand has the palm facing away from him. This isn't really wrong, but try doing that yourself.

Keep em' comming people. Look forward to it.

Pixel Art / Re: Spot My Pixels
« on: April 02, 2006, 03:01:32 pm »
Looking a lot better. If you decide to fix it up some more, maybe you should show a bit more of the hat. Wouldn't have guessed he was holding it hadn't I read your description. His pose is a bit different than the other Kongs since they always face ither left or right. Of course, that would mean doing just about all over again... so maybe not.  :-\

TakaM: If you don't mind me saying. The folds on her rear are not really flowing naturally. They should follow more along the lines of her legs, unless you were going for stretch folds. In that case they're to loose. IMO of course.

I know that I could just have a go at it myself, but I'm busy right now so I though I'd just point it out.

Pixel Art / Re: .TakaM's up to no good
« on: April 01, 2006, 11:03:14 pm »
Overkill: I think he was referring to how TakaM was able to get his image flashed into the GB micro. That's beyond me though. Not that good with wiring things.

Nix: I just found the image by searching, however, there's been some extensive editing. Apart form what Overkill mentioned, there was also the lightsource. The picture of the DS I got had a lit bottom screen that I had to shut off. I turned down the contrasts and changed the hue to match the yellow light. Normally, you can see a vague reflection of the hinges on the screen and also see the squareish pattern on the touch-screen glass. However, when you use the flash on a camera, you don't get the same reflection. Instead, you see a wavy pattern of vertical lines. I made sure to make then just about visible. Then, I added some scratches and dirt. Of course, this only applies to the DS' bottom screen. Not the GBA.

As for the active screen itself, make sure it has the same amount of blur as the GBA image itself. Most pictures have blur and small rough parts. You can add that by using the sharpen tool in photoshop, but never to much. guess Overkill mentioned it in a way, but there is another black border on the screen itself. Remember to include that and put a reflection on it.

Well... that's what I did at least.

Pixel Art / Re: .TakaM's up to no good
« on: April 01, 2006, 05:24:20 pm »
Wouldn't think so, as this is the first place I've posted it.

This would be the perfect day to get it hosted somewhere though. If you know somewhere where this can make an inpact, feel free to cause mayham.  :P

Pixel Art / Re: .TakaM's up to no good
« on: March 29, 2006, 10:13:40 pm »
Well, here's the breakdown:

Took the background from Hyrule castle:

It was a little damaged, but I fixed it up in the edit.

Then I edited all Icons into Ganon's pig emblem. The windows depict an abstract pig holding the triforce, but because it's in GBA screen size, you can't see all of it.
And naturally, the throne looked a little too happy, so I fixed that up.

The really hard part was to get Ganondorf to look like the Minish Cap sprites. Thing is, he's big, has a tiny head and a lot of black on him were as most of the original sprites have huge heads, tiny bodies and bright colours.
This is a far as I can light them up before his orange patters start to fade. I'm still a little unsure about the result, but.. meh.

And of course, the finished thing.

Hope more people join in.

(Heh, bastard.)

Pixel Art / Re: Small image dump
« on: March 29, 2006, 04:03:36 pm »
I'm not sure about some of what you say is right... I dig the no-one-lives forever chick... I think you're right there... It's definatly not bloodrayne... no arm blades... the guy left of yoda (as ptoing correctly [maybe] sez) is Marvin, the paranoid android.... not sure about any of the others that are missing.

Ops! Put in the wrong directions. I meant on Yoda's right side. I have no problem seeing that witch one Marvin is. Saw ptoing guessing it could be Chewbacca, but I think it looks more like a helmet. Next, I meant the guy on the police officers (again) right side. I never played Commander Keen, but I still know what he looks like. *shrug*

Nice pickups. Though, one can hardly tell the difference between some of the items. For example the first and last soda can (next to the toilet paper), the second and last... coin? The ones next to the bag. Still, a lot of stuff for just using 16 colours. I'm guessing these were a lot larger in the game?

Pixel Art / Re: Small image dump
« on: March 29, 2006, 11:34:29 am »
The guy next to Guybrush is Roger Wilco. The Lego guy is a Servebot from Megaman Legends. The woman left of the tentacles *could* be Bloodrayne judgeing from the hair and the black colours. Though, I think she had gray stockings. The guy next to Homer could be the hero of Kingsquest. The woman next to Vader looks like the heroine from No one Lives Forever. The guy left of Yoda looks more like a random soldier from some future fps. Maybe Ghost Recon, or Halo? Im guessing the police officer is just that: a police officer. From Gta maybe? The guy left of him I know I've seen before. He could be Foster from Beneath a Steel Sky, but he's got red shoulder pads... I know that there's someone that looks lke that from some old fps I saw people play. Maybe that Starwars game? Something like quake? Don't really play any fps games.

Pixel Art / Re: .TakaM's up to no good
« on: March 28, 2006, 10:18:25 pm »
And finally, the urge got the better of me:

Fake screenshot from The legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Figured i could fool people into thinking there was a "secret" way to meet Ganondorf at the end of the game.

Made the Ganon sprite and changed the patterns on the walls, columns, carpets, stainglass windows and so fourth.
I'll upload the actual pixel art later. I've got work to do tomorrow.

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