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General Discussion / Re: Cartoony? give me a break
« on: May 05, 2006, 11:10:21 pm »
A teacher once told *my* teacher: You have to know realism before you can make abstractions.

All manners of art are abstractions and are all based on realistic principles. Think about a walksycle. Caricatures. Art needs to make sense in order to be interpreted.

Personally, I don't like to lock art-style into a set of rules as I feel it limits my way of thinking creatively. The way art looks depends on the message you want to show your observer.

Now, discussing why people go blindly for realistic graphics and think that anyting with a more abstract or stylized look is childish is an entirely different discussion alltogether.

General Discussion / Re: Nintendo are revolting!?
« on: May 02, 2006, 08:54:35 am »
Funny that considering Koch media was set up by an Austrian...

Ah... well that's something else then. Meh, if people were that keen on making crude jokes, people here would be laughing at for example: Konami, that translates to "My wife" or Rare that means "Strange". Despite Rap being translated to "Burp-music", people here still find it to have a very high "cool factor".

Tried to find a translator for Austrian but not surprisingly, I couldn't find one. A German one said it means "Cook"... Not that far from Panda's "Ham". An interesting combination of food and gamesdistrebution O_o

General Discussion / Re: Nintendo are revolting!?
« on: May 01, 2006, 12:08:26 pm »
Honestly baccaman...

I use the same pronunciation as the Japanese and as far as I can see, it's pronounced "Kosh" or "kos" No need to add gasoline to the fire.

General Discussion / Re: Nintendo are revolting!?
« on: April 30, 2006, 09:42:30 am »
Well, it was only a matter of time, eh?

I can remember when I saw the article about it. Was on the phone with one of my X-box supporing friends. After searching a while, I found it to be true. I ended up saying: "NOOOooooo!" and then the dissing came from the other end. Have been hearing it since.

My initial thought was: Nintendo just took everything good they had for the machine and wrecked it. But as it is, it a remarkable success as advertisement. Only in the first hour after it's release just about every gamenews site with a forum had been spammed with piss jokes. You have to admit, that's a pretty good way to get attention to yourself.

The name is in itself a market strategy. First of all, Nintendo shows it's "be different" approach and names the console something completely in the other direction. Also, Nintendo has stated through it's entire development of Wii (well, most of it) that they are modeling their product after Apple and their iPod. Look at it: short, incredibly easy to remember, both with the tiny i's, both glossy white and tiny. Most of all: it does not link to Nintendo. The machine is name Wii and not Nintendo Wii (contrary to ign.) When someone biased looks at Nintendo he or she allready has a specific view about the thing. When someone spots something in the store that's just called Wii, they don't think "It's that kiddy console." or "ugh.. it's just another Nintendo". They see it as something else, just like most people don't think of Apple when they think of iPod. Also, remember that Nintendo targets not just gamers, but everyone. The simple name, light package and no link to "this whole gameconsole business." will draw interest from other people.

I'm still a little concerned since allmost the entire game market (for all the consoles) are pre-teens, so there will be a lot of "wee-wee" jokes. But, if those kids are as immature as they seem right now, they they'll probably forget about fairly quickly and start looking at shiny box instead. Personally, I'm just waiting to see the games that will surface at E3.

Oh, just remembered. I never say "let's play Gamecube." It's more along the lines of: "Play Smash bros?" Don't remember the last time I mentioned the consoles name.

Heh, this topic took away absolutely all the attention from the Iso project.

My vote goes to Minish Cap.

I found Superstar Saga to be a great game, and I really like it's style. However, it works so well because you get the feeling of enviorment. Stripped down, it won't have the same shine. Personally, I both love and hate the graphics in Demon Crest. I've never seen that specific game before, but it reminds me of a style that became common for alien-shooters, R-type lookalikes and everything involving Demons and organs. I like the backgrounds and the spriters clearly have skill. It's just that semi pillowshading, overdetail and contrast that I've never had a connection to. I know, it's not the correct terms, it's just my own reaction to the style. I'm sure it would make one hell of a topic, but my choice is mostly based on what I prefer artistically. I think I would benefit a lot more from learning about Minish Cap, a game that I myself think looks brilliant rather than looking through a style I have no plans of using.

(but then, clearly I'm loosing this battle anyway  ::) )

Archived Activities / Re: Iso Collaboration III: Return of the Grid
« on: April 19, 2006, 10:56:06 am »
So we have two in flight and two on the ground. Take away the eggs and you have 4 birds. Where are the two remaining birds? (aside from the one you added...) Keep looking but I can't see any more in there.

Archived Activities / Re: Iso Collaboration III: Return of the Grid
« on: April 19, 2006, 07:31:49 am »
Xion Night: You said 6 birds right? I assume that includes the eggs? Can't find the 2 missing ones. Oh, and what happened to that bird near the gnome castle at the bottom? People make, edit, erase and restart som many times I can't keep up. And I think the colours got messed up again. Can't we just make a rule about using GIF only to avoid palette mixups?

Archived Activities / Re: Iso Collaboration III: Return of the Grid
« on: April 17, 2006, 11:30:45 am »
OK, here's my edit.

The mushrooms proved to be the hardest part really. The original "mushrooms" had too much contrast and I couldn't find a good middle colour to use. I noticed the perspective was a little out of sync too, so I had to replace some of the rear. I also added some tail-fins so it crashes the right way. Not an easy task to make it look old and keep the bright colours, but I gave it a shot.

Archived Activities / Re: Iso Collaboration III: Return of the Grid
« on: April 16, 2006, 11:40:57 am »
Slainte: Looking good. As it's still work in progress I would recommend adjusting the perspective on the tower. Looks like it's slightly bending away from us. Don't be afraid to put some shadows in there. The dithering is well made, but it makes the edges feel thicker rather than giving the illusion of shadows. But then, domes are never easy to put shadows on IMO. If you just get it looking good in your own way, I don't think people will mind.

Nix: I could probably have a go at an edit. Thing is, I'll probably have to change a lot of details to make it look old and engulfed in plants. Because it's old, the balloon's surface won't be this polished or as brightly colored. I'll see if I can stick as close to the original as possible, but I always tend to go a little overboard.

Archived Activities / Re: Iso Collaboration III: Return of the Grid
« on: April 15, 2006, 05:24:33 pm »
I don't really want to see Nix's Exploding balloon go either. But as it was pointed out, the explosions (compared to the style of the rest of the colab) does look somewhat like mushrooms.  ;) Thought we could do something with that thought. Maybe we can add some people collecting mushrooms on the nearby tiles as if the balloon crashed long ago. I think that would fit very well.

Oh, and I finished the last tile right away. Someone asked me to. *shrug*

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