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Devlogs & Projects / Re: Kickstarter thread!
« on: July 23, 2014, 04:26:42 am »

Hello! My name's Mikey and I'm a pixel artist, and I'm making a game called Snot! I have been designing this game for 6 years, and have completed huge amounts of artwork for it over the years. It's a 2D metroidvania-style platformer inspired by Super Metroid, Cave Story and Banjo-Kazooie.

I have also been working with a programmer since early this year to build a demo, and a few days ago we launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Somewhere, high up in the sky, the Mollusc God rises above his cloudy worktable. With an almighty sneeze, Snot is born. The Mollusc God, unsatisfied with his work so far, squeezes and strains until a single snail shell is produced. The shell, brimming with hidden potential, sits proudly on the little gastropod's back.

Suddenly, in a puff of green smoke, a mysterious figure appears, and strikes the Mollusc God with a bolt of lightning. The Mollusc God, stricken with rage, flies away on a rampage. An evil force has corrupted him! A shocked onlooker, the Freezy-WingSnail, jumps up and freezes Snot into a ball of ice- and just in time, too, as the evil Mollusc God swoops down from above, KOing the icy creature.

Snot tumbles through the clouds, safely plopping into the ocean.

If you would like to see the above story animated, click here!

Snot runs, jumps, and fights his enemies by using a combination of melee attacks and his shell-throwing ability. Close-range attacks can be aimed by controlling Snot’s gaze, hitting nearby enemies with his tail. Shell attacks, however, can be aimed with a cursor, and are launched through the air as a long-range attack.

There are two “standard” shells: Snail Shells fire in an arc, whereas Conch Shells fire in a straight line.
Shells can each be used only once, but they will be constantly collected throughout levels by smashing item boxes.

There is also another kind of powerup: The energy symbols!

In each level, the player will unlock a new energy symbol. They can be used to power-up both kinds of shells to create all kinds of crazy weapons that help you solve puzzles and defeat bosses. They can also power-up Snot’s melee attack and offer additional effects if applied to Snot himself.

Some examples:

Shells pictured above: Fireball shell, Volcano shell, Magnet Shell and Lightning Bolt shell!
-use these as powerful attacks or as utilities for solving puzzles.
When the energy symbols are applied to Snot, he gains additional abilities such as being able to walk through fire or run really fast. His melee attack is also altered to give him even more abilities.

As you can see, each element has 3 uses, which means that with 8 energy symbols (the amount we plan to include in the final game), there will be 162 customisation options. In true Metroidvania-style, the player must master the abilities while exploring vast, diverse worlds full of enemies and puzzles. Use the many power-ups in the game to unlock secrets in already-explored areas and uncover whole new areas. There could be bosses hiding around any corner…

The Psychic Flamingos will help you with the backtracking and exploring, as they not only save your game and heal you, but also allow you to warp from world to world. They take you to an telepathic universe called the Flamingo World that turns everything into silhouettes and offers a faster way to travel.

With a wide spectrum of colourful characters and whimsical storylines, this is a Metroidvania like no other!

Snot will be full of personality. Much in the style of games like Banjo-Kazooie and Paper Mario: TTYD (two of my favourite games ever), most missions will be character-driven, enabling you to interact with a loads of entertaining and amusing NPCs.

This is Snot:
An inquisitive mollusc who seeks to learn the answers about the universe and reasons for his existence.
Although he is confused about his identity, he is also a lazy little gastropod who, more often than not, is forced into completing tasks for people due to his lack of a mouth - he cannot physically say "no".

The Mollusc God is the holiest of the molluscs. He was turned evil before he was able to enlighten his latest creation.

Meet the Prawn. After Snot washes up on a beach in level 1, frozen in ice, this tiny flying shrimp approaches him and sets him free. In return he makes Snot follow him on what turns out to be a suicide mission to find his friend who wandered off to join a cult. His catch-phrase is "OI! LISTEN!"

Non-contextual spacial warping gentleman. This cryptic figure's identity is a complete mystery for now. He has been referred to as all of the following: The Magician, Nowhere Man or Mr. Skulleh.

Many, many more characters, such as Gastro Podson, Eggable Tim and Cap'n Todger will also appear!

Some of these are stretch goals (more info on stretch goals on the Kickstarter page)

Single Player
-We plan to include 8 huge worlds (possibly even 9 if we reach out stretch goals), each with a unique theme.
-We expect over 100 enemies an up to 30 bosses.
-Challenge mode with Boss, Time and Puzzle challenges.
-A level editor!

-Co-op story mode.
-Co-op challenge mode.
-Capture the Pearl mode.
-King of the Flamingo mode.
-Defend the Holy Mollusc mode.

We hope to eventually release Snot on all of the following: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ouya, iOS, Android, Windows 8 Phone and Wii U. although we can't promise a release on all those platforms upon the game's launch, it will be on Windows and Ouya straight away. The game will be released in both English and German, and hopefully more in the future.

Anyway, I hope you like the look of Snot. We could REALLY do with some help on Kickstarter, so if this game seems like something you would actually buy when it comes out, maybe you'd like to support us. After all, £10 would get you a free copy, and that is roughly the price we hope to release it for. Consider it a pre-order? ;)
-we have some great reward ideas, too. Check out the page for more info!

Oh! And we also have a demo! You can download it from our website. Please check it out!

Any questions, ask away!

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