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That's a great improvement!

All I can think of now is that the eye pupils looks a little strange. Like if he was looking up. Try changing their position.

And the hair bouncing seems a little strange, maybe making it less frames where the hair bounces? Like, if it uses 4 frames for the hair bounce, try making it bounce on 3 or 2, and making it less aparental. I think it's taking too much atention.

Good work so far! Keep up at it!

I'm actually pretty new to pixel art, too, but I had some experiences and... here is my attempt to help you.

If I say anything wrong, please correct me someone. It's my first attempt on helping someone on this forum.

The Face is a little strange. He doesn't have a pupil on the eye for a three-pixel eye (it's a rule I've made: if he has a three-pixel eye, use a pupil, but I think that's just me being weird), and it doesn't seem to match his body at all (through I think this is just my opinion).

His arms are too big, I think. If you 'open' them straight, they would get near his feet, and that shouldn't happen. Maybe making the arm a little shorter would fix that?

And I think the pose is a little strange. It looks like he is just putting his hands on his waist, but then you realise that you can see his hand, and it is closed. If it's supposed to be a fighting stance, I think putting his hand more near his face and showing his arm a little would make the animation better.

But... it's actually a good animation for first time :p. I didn't know how to shade very well, so I never shaded at all in the beggining, but I see you are practicing it!

Pixel Art / Re: [C&C] Sidescroller Animations & Pixel Art
« on: July 12, 2014, 11:47:11 pm »
I remade the Walking Animation. The legs seem better, but the arms... I don't think the arms are right..
Here it is:

Pallete? You mean... the amount of shades?

Yeah, that's what he means.  When you use less colors it makes it much easier to animate, especially when you have to make corrections.  Once you actually get the animation flowing smoothly, then you can start adding details, but the animation is the most important, so always remember K-I-S-S (keep it simple stupid (a great thing you'll learn from that book I linked to earlier)).  So for Fear, just one color for the hair, one for her suit, one for the front leg and front arm, and then another for the back leg and back arm.  Honestly, for the face if you can just cut and paste since it's already done, but in the future just keep the face a plain fleshy ball until your animation is sound.

Also, something I didn't notice before, try and get a greater contrast between the front limbs and back limbs.  Especially when it's at 100% they both look very similar in color and it can be confusing.

Oh, and I tried making a sword swing animation separated from the character. I think it didn't go so well... but here it is:

My first thought is that its entirely to fast, but I think that might be because you don't have a pause before it loops again.  Sword swings are very fast so it might be right on.  Having no other visual reference around it however might also lead me to think it's too fast.  I always assume everything is too fast.  When I started animation school, every single person in the class was told to slow down, so if you're just starting off, that's my advice, even if it's perfect the way it is. ;)
So... should I remove all shades from the sprite, animate, then when I finish animating, put it all back?
And I think the hair needed shading. It is behind her, and not to her side.
"Keep it simple"... I heard that before. I'll remember that!

Oh, and I made an attempt on making a "Grassy Rock" ground for the player to step. It didn't go so well... I'm not good at making tiles/terrain. I don't know how to shade properly, too.
Here it is:

I know... it's really bad. But I thought that I could get better at this if I showed it here.

And about the sword, yes, it was fast. But I figured that if I slowed it down a little it would work. I still don't know if I'm gonna use that system of sword swing, through...


Pixel Art / Re: [C&C] Sidescroller Animations & Pixel Art
« on: July 12, 2014, 07:22:42 am »
Hi Yukie and welcome!

First off I want to say that this sprite is very cute.

Here's my edit:

Now some explaintions.

Your walk cycle has a good start, but I feel that while you were animating you kept forgetting which arm/leg was swinging which way (I do it all the time :D), so I made sure the darker leg was always in the back.  This seems like a small thing but it can really mess everything up.

Second, its good to see you swinging the head from side to side, but at it's current speed it is far to jittery.  I slowed the whole animation down and kept the head looking in one position, which is not really necessary, but it will help you slow down and animate a little easier, should you choose to rotate the head.

I also gave the head just three positions so it doesn't jitter as much.

You can keep the animation as fast as you have it because it gives character to her, but the faster the animation the less movement you should be doing.  I realize that the way I animated her it looks more like she's strutting around, but it should give you an idea of the movements.

I also highly, highly, highly suggest getting this book if you don't have it alreay:  Richard Williams Animator's Survival Kit.

I hope that this helps and can't wait to see more of your stuff. :D

Thank you! I wanted to make her cute so... I guess this time it's a win for that? :p

Your edit makes the walking seem a lot more natural, but she needs to have a... 'cutier' walking animation. And I actually tried making the body move like you did on your edit before! It's actually pretty similiar, but I used it only on 4 frames, so it didn't work very well.

Yes... I forget things a lot. That's a problem for me. I was also thinking if I should move the head, but I think I won't, or else, it's too much for me. I'll try on simple animations to one day get to the detailed and hard ones.

I'm gonna remake my walk animation based on your explanations now! I wanna see if I can do it. But I'll post tomorrow. I'm sleepy, and it's late here.

I'll see if I can buy that book! I don't have much money now, so...


I feel like this animation is missing some happy go lucky background music...

And my recommendation before anything is to decrease the palette.  Such a simple style doesn't need so many colors and shades.  It'll make things a lot easier animation wise, and the colors really just don't need to be there.

Pallete? You mean... the amount of shades?


Oh, and I tried making a sword swing animation separated from the character. I think it didn't go so well... but here it is:

Pixel Art / [C&C] Sidescroller Animations & Pixel Art
« on: July 12, 2014, 02:40:38 am »
Hello everyone!

I am new to this forum, but I heard that here I can make my Pixel Art better!

Umm... well, I'm not really too good at Pixel Art. I started drawing in the beginning of this year, because I wanted to make a game. And now I actually started making the game.
It is a Sidescroller Metroidvania RPG. But my animations and my sprites needs to get a lot better... they aren't very good.

Well... the main character is called Fear. She's a 15-year-old girl. And here are her sprites:

This is her Idle Sprite!

And this is the Jumping Sprite.

This is her Walking Animation. I... don't feel good about it, actually. It seems that something is missing, but I really can't see what. And in-game it seems natural to me...

And this is a Falling Animation! When the player is falling, this plays!

So... what can I do to make them better?
And soon I'll make a attacking animation for her too, and I'll post it here!

Oh, and... since it's my first time here, I hope we all can get along!

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