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Portfolios / [AVAILABLE] Professional Freelancing Allrounder
« on: July 14, 2016, 10:36:06 pm »
Hello, fellow traveller to my humble display. My name is Tassilo and I have pushed my very first pixels back in the mid-80's on an Amstrad CPC. After several years of freelance work as an illustrator, I got back into games in 2000. Since then I have produced cover-art and ingame-assets for several games.

This is a PICO8 fan-game I made in 2015 - 128x128 pixels and a given 16-colour palette. The big image is a combination of title screen and ingame elements. You can play the actual game on

In 2015, I launched a very successful kickstarter-campaign offering pixelart portraits, called Pixel-Me!

In 2016, I have had the pleasure of being repsonsible for 20 minutes of animated pixelart in a german television documentary about the history of computing, including stories about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ada Lovelace, Babbage and many other idols of the digital revolution.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates playing chess as one of the scenes in it.

I designed this logo for the pixelart RTS Oh My Gore! in 2014.

Something I would love to do is The IT-Crowd Adventure. Maybe, one day ...

Caril, the hero of Days of Dawn

A Moupha, a creature from Days of Dawn

In 2013, I have released a game of my own, GhostControl Inc., featuring an animated citymap of London and dozens of ghosts.

And there is of course always room for a sheep.

So, if one of this - or something completely different - is what you are looking for, don't hesitate to send me a mail (tassilo at bumblebee - games dot com) or get in contact via Skype (tassilorau) and let's talk!

Thank you for coming by and best regards,

Hey everybody.
We're looking for a talented pixel artist to work on a pixelated (32x32 base tilesize) strategy game set in a classic high-fantasy setting. Tiles, units and buildings are what we need. Descriptions of required elements available in a game design document.
Loads of blood, loads of fun. Please send me a mail to tassilo [at] bumblebee-games dot com to discuss the details, best including some example artwork. Starting NOW, so don't hesitate.

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