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Pixel Art / Managing noise in small soldier sprites
« on: April 19, 2015, 06:19:04 pm »
I made these two soldiers consisting of two stances.

They don't look too bad I think but I can't help but feel like the sprites are too noisy.
How to do you represent these small details at such a small scale without creating unnecessary noise?

Pixel Art / Re: Obese guy top-down sprite, trouble with shirt shading
« on: April 11, 2015, 04:34:36 am »
I ditched the heavy dithering and made a running animation

I'm content with it so far but if there is any way it could be improved, do tell!

Pixel Art / Obese guy top-down sprite, trouble with shirt shading
« on: April 03, 2015, 08:27:22 pm »

I draw inspiration from the sprite of an artist I worked with for a game jam. This is the study subject

However, I'm having trouble shading the shirt, help would be appreciated


Because of the high volume of pixies I make, I decided it might work best if I use one thread to post all of my work!

Important notes:
- Most of my works begin with no aim and form into something as I go along, so I almost never know what I'm doing until a few lines in. This can sometimes be very apparent in finished products...
- I don't have any particular style. Sometimes I do cartoony, sometimes I aim for a slightly more realistic look, and sometimes there's no discernible style.
- I enjoy art and making things, but I don't currently consider myself a serious artist. Maybe someday, but not right now. If that offends you, then this thread is probably not for you.
- Though I may not be the most serious of artists, I DO want to learn better ways to make art, and I want to improve my skills, so all feedback is welcome as long as you're nice.
- I do sometimes take critiques a bit too personally. I don't like being criticized, but I understand that it is an important part of learning. I apologize in advance if I snap at you. I'm trying to tame that aspect of myself.

Aside from that... Onward with the art!

(I might add some info about myself outside of art-stuff somewhere in this top post... Not sure.)

I don't think it's a good idea to post all of your work. I see it done from time to time, people making a gallery thread with all of their work and it's just not a very good idea. I think you should focus on certain pieces and make a thread for it when you need specific help or cnc on something. Just my opinion anyway.

Pixel Art / Re: Need help texturing sand (low res graphics)
« on: March 01, 2015, 11:05:48 pm »
Now knowing that it's part in part out, it does seem to make more sense to stick with on-land colors. I still think that since it's a beach type setting that it should be a little more yellow than red... but that might be just my own bias.

Otherwise.. since you ARE going for a more low-res look, I think what you've got going should work alright. I'm still curious to see what others have to say about it, though.

I did go with something more yellow early on but the only yellow available with the DB32 palette is kind of eye burning and is more of a highlight color I guess. I'm sure it could work but I'm not good enough with colors to make it work. Perhaps some of the more talented artists here could chime in on that  :)

Pixel Art / Re: Need help texturing sand (low res graphics)
« on: March 01, 2015, 07:00:04 pm »
My advice would be to make it more wavy and throw a bit of dithering between the shades.
I drew this a while back, albeit it is a top down perspective.

Edit: I will note that mine is too wavy. I would lower the contrast or make each shade a few pixels wider on my own.
Look here for some more references.

That's a nice sand texture. I'm a bit more limited on colors since I'm using the DB32 color palette and as well as going for a more low resolution approach.

I drew some inspiration from the pixeljoint challenge results you linked me to and came up with this



the grid is quite visible but otherwise, it doesn't look too bad I think. Of course, it could use some more work

I'm only just learning to do this stuff, so I'm no pro, but my first thought on this is to look for a reference. Searching "Ocean Floor" comes up with some great references :)

The first thing to notice is that underwater sand takes on a bluer color. Using that pinkish red is more akin to a desert, whereas a yellow might make more sense on a beach.

Since this scene is side-view, it would help to texture the sand almost like rolling hills when viewed from the top of a building.

That said, I did a quick mockup of what I think might work. I didn't texture the whole thing... just a small spot, but it should help give an idea of what I'm getting at.

I tried using a green-blue sandy color as the base and progressively bluer tones for shade etc, then I made the lumpy thing. I also used dithering on the lower lump and no dithering on the higher one just to see if that might make a difference. Lastly, I changed the overall outline to the same color I used for the deepest shade, but you can just stick with black. I was just experimenting.

Here's what I came up with... you know... just for funzies?

I'm thinking I should have used just a little more contrast, making the shades a bit deeper... but who knows.

I also want to point out one thing (and it's only because I noticed it)... the lighting isn't entirely consistent. With the rocks, for example, you took the exact same pixel layout but flipped it, thus putting the light source at top left for some and top right for others. I like the variation from switching the outline, but it might help to readjust the light source when you do. Just a thought  :blind:


It does indeed take on a bluer color and I think it would be nice if I incorporated that. The sand I'm doing right now will also be used out of water so I'll keep it more orange-ish for now and maybe tweak it later. I like the sort of dunes you made but I'm not sure they'd fit the style I'm going for. Maybe they would? I'll experiment with your idea a bit later tonight probably unless I come up with something I really like in the meantime

How's this sand? I think it looks nice

View at 300% or 400% as always

Seems like it all became aliased when you put it in the game

Pixel Art / Need help texturing sand (low res graphics)
« on: March 01, 2015, 06:51:32 am »
(image to be seen at 400%)

So this is a segment of the bottom of the sea in my game (water invisible in screenshot obviously) and I've got this kind of cartoony style I'm going for which I think doesn't look too bad, some harmony here and there, but everything kind of falls apart when we start looking at the sand.

I've tried a more solid color but it looks really out of place with the more detailed objects laying on it or the scarce pebbles in it. In fact, everything I've tried with the sand looks kind of out of place. I'm absolutely clueless on how to texture it and some tips or help would be really appreciated!

Note: I'm using the DB32 palette


Pixel Art / Re: Flying carrier pigeon sprite from the back
« on: January 07, 2015, 10:16:09 pm »
Top is the original number four
Bottom is my edit

-Lowered the wings and made them thinner, which I think helps with perspective.
-Separated the body from the wings.
-Coloured the outlines a bit.
-Tried to apply a bit of texture to the wings and messed with the tail a little.

Do you have any other assets for the project already? You'd probably want the (lack of) outline to be consistent. Since the project is 3D, does it use models for other characters? If so, you might want to check if outlines would work with the style they're in. If you do use an outline, you can at least bring some of the darker colours into them.

Really liking what you did there, I'm surprised it didn't occur to me that the body would look better if it was separated like in yours.

And yeah, now that you mention it, it does look kind of wonky how the player has a thick black outline and the clouds don't. I like the colored outlines you put but I think if we're going to have colored outlines, we should go all the way and change the black outlines altogether for something less eye burning.

This will be my final sprite for now, with some of your changes implemented

Of course, it's tempting to go back on it and enhance it some more but I think I'm satisfied with it for now. The next update will probably be making it flap its wings (animation)

Pixel Art / Re: Flying carrier pigeon sprite from the back
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:12:22 pm »
Quick edit before school

Again, to be viewed at 300% or 400%

I made 3 variations
1. Before edits
2. Reviewed colors and shading, has better depth than 1. I think
3. Without any outline, looks a bit goofy right now but could probably use some work, tail looks much better now
4. Outline put back on 3. so the outline was basically pushed 1 pixel away from the shape, giving us a bit more room to work with. Could use some more work as well

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