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General Discussion / Re: Software for pixel videos montage
« on: March 26, 2015, 09:41:05 am »
Some discussion here from a while ago that may be useful to you.
If fact that's just what I need. Good examples and so much knowledge there, thanks guys!

Now the problem is to choose. Both Flash and After Effects seem to do the job, and will be useful for me in the long run. But I have zero experience with both.

I thought about Game Maker as well. At first it seemed somewhat stupid to me, but on the other hand I have good previous experience with it to create fake games there (it introduced me to coding ~10 years ago). Will just need to find the right capturing software.

HTML canvas and GIMP GAP seem to be an option as well, but I'm not so impressed.

Extremely useful overral. If I come up with a thing, I'll get back to you to tell how it went. Think you can even merge threads or something.

General Discussion / Software for pixel videos montage
« on: March 25, 2015, 10:35:48 pm »
Hello, Pixelation!

For a long time I'm thinking about trying new ground in making pixel-based videos. Think 8-bit demakes, 8-bit cinema, Dan the Man or even Paul Robertson's animated shorts. I've animated scenes in Photoshop before (for example), but I risk losing my sanity when dealing with dozens of frames. So I'm looking for software that will allow me to:

1. Take my animated character gifs and move them around;
2. Add backgrounds, make parallax layers and all the good stuff;
3. Maintain maximum pixel crispness;
4. Obviously add music and sounds.

That's like doing mockups on a whole new level! Or fake game trailers maybe.

I hope some of you guys have had experience with this kind of software and would point me out in right direction.

Pixel Art / Re: I haven't posted in 9 years
« on: March 15, 2015, 10:51:27 pm »
I obviously don't remember you back from the days, but I appreciate your work and very inspiring tips. Just recently stumbled onto your website. Very surprised to see you here and discover you started with pixel art.

Actually, it'd be great to see an experienced artist getting back to pixel art. Most newcomers (including me), are getting into game-related art through the pixel pass, and it doesn't seem like the right way to me. I think It's much easier for an already developed artist to learn some tricks specific to the medium and use the skills to achieve greatness :)

Pixel Art / Re: RPG items set (WIP)
« on: March 15, 2015, 10:33:07 pm »

Forgot to post, I think I've finished this. But I'm not satisfied with. So far I like everything up to feather, but everything starting from mandrake seems like sudden drop to me.

I've also messed with crystals, so they look a little more glassy.

Portfolios / Re: [Portfolio] Phoenix849 - freelance pixel artist
« on: March 11, 2015, 10:32:30 pm »
Massive portfolio update, I'm currently looking for new contracts.

Pixel Art / RPG items set (WIP)
« on: February 14, 2015, 10:49:54 am »

Here is a set of RPG inventory items straightforward inspired by wonderful works of Zhi Jiang for Midora. I don't know how many I want, probably will stop on 25 (maybe more). I'm fairly happy with them, and thought I wanted to share with you. Mandrake is probably the weakest thing right now, I'm thinking of scrapping him.

Pixel Art / [C+C] "New school" animation practice
« on: December 29, 2014, 10:31:05 pm »
Hello, folks. I'm yet a beginner animator, so I thought it's about time to start practicing on random stuff. I've become a fan of "new school" style sprites lately and by that I mean latest Glauber Kotaki's works (Deep Dungeons of Doom, Chasm, Duelyst), Capy's Super Time Force and not-so-much Hyper Light Drifter (some chars are waaay too flat to my taste). These games mostly feature no outlines, low color counts, small sprite sizes but very detailed and fluid animations.

I could not come up with any not extremely boring fantasy characters, so instead I decided to go with wasteland raiders theme, because it's like the best thing ever :). Here is a basic machete meelee warrior I made in an evening. With your help I hope to improve and make my small private gang of desert raiders with few common animations each.

I think you like original pixel sizes here, so I've included not resized ones as well. I'd like to hear comments on my animation skills as well as color palette. Coloring is always extremely difficult for me. Initially they were temporary colors, but then I started animating and it ended like that.

Pixel Art / Re: Getting into pixel art animation
« on: December 09, 2014, 10:43:24 am »
I'll suggest adding more squashing and more exaggeration to it. You are really just moving the lower border, while you should be flattening the whole thing to the ground when it lands.

I suggest  watching this every time you are unsure:

Open it in any editor, study, copy, learn. I'm not a high-profile pro in this, I just learn what I see. Here are my slimes from 2 recent projects:

Also, these two are the cutest things I've ever animated so far :D

Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] Mobile game background
« on: October 27, 2014, 11:23:27 pm »
I'm still curious about the gameplay reason for why the barbed wire needs to be perfectly straight.
Here is an early prototype gameplay video. Abdul is jumping on the wires, the player needs to collect eggs and avoid electricity. I fear that curved wire will be pretty messy. I had a hard time of hitting the exact spot on wires when played it myself.

Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] Mobile game background
« on: October 27, 2014, 06:20:46 pm »
messed around a bit.
i thought the pixels on the roof were distractingly harsh so i smoothed out a small section fyi.
Wow, man, thank you! This is ace! That's exactly what was missing. I never thought about a fence :(.

I was working on char animations, but this definitely looks more "interesting" in terms of scenery. Won't you mind if we design from your edit? I hope I'll eventually become better with interesting compositions.

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