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Night, that looks awesome! I think Belmont stands out too much in the picture. You probably should've made him a bit darker, or made floors more contrasting with background.

One test image was Phoenix849's (Sorry man!)
I actually didn't check it for 16px regions yet, so I presumed it contained mistakes. It's still unfinished, so I'll be manually looking through when I merge these 3 mockups into one. Right now it's in 3 different Pyxel Edit files, where you can't switch grid from 8px to 16px without resizing tiles themselves.

Considering my shallow knowledge about NES, could you also link or talk about palettes? Why choose Bisqwit's over Nintendulator's?

Also, finally played Castlevania myself first time ever. Keep falling to death on medusa heads on 2nd level :D

Thanks, Gil.

Okay, here's my second take. Afterwards I might take this palette and use it for castle hallway as well. Plenty of colors left unused yet. I'm happy with it so far. Can't decide on version with space in between trees or without. Obviously, WIP.

Haven't felt this inspired for a long time. Would be cool to make a whole series of those.

UPDATE: Had an idea to reuse castle tiles for fish dungeon. Still have to merge all tilesets in one and decide on 4th tile palette. Not sure if I can fit in 120 tiles in total. Might need to cut something out afterwards. WIP, of course:

Okay, it seems I've underestimated the restrictions due to being inexperienced with NES tilesets:

1. Does HUD also count towards limits? That's why interface and walkable platforms are constantly red/orange?

2. Does the whole first level (VGMaps link) have to use only one palette for outside AND inside areas? Just when I thought I was going to make some sweet forest graphics outside of the castle :(

Commercial Critique / Re: Commercial Critique - Castlevania
« on: March 25, 2016, 08:43:11 pm »
I like most things about readability. Belmont as well as walls and walkable surface are bright warm colors and backgrounds are mostly cool. Obvious departure from this is fully red crypt on the 2nd level. Square orange blocks look boring, but surely you can't expect much from 1986 game. Also immediate start area look a bit busy on Belmont's level due to orange trees and fires. Though it's extremely short and devoid of enemies, so I guess it doesn't matter much in terms of gameplay.

Good timing, I was just itching to do some NES mockups, though have almost zero experience with it. Also not a Castlevania player, just wanna pixel something nice.

Here's what I've manage to do over evening. Image cropped from VGMaps. Palettes are all over the place, those diagonal stairs unexpectedly screw me over due to 16 x 16 pixel region color limits. So yeah, it doesn't follow restrictions currently. I have to rethink the whole color scheme all together. But I feel inspired, and want to play with different areas. Really excited to see how far you guys can push those graphics.

I'd also like to share these:

Saw this kUrra album earlier and was incredibly inspired by this playing on NES limitations so perfectly. I'd say it's my favourite NES mockups I've ever seen. I'd like to post some sweet stuff by ptoing I've discovered just yesterday. I feel it is relevant for Castlevania thread:

Devlogs & Projects / [C+C] The Trapped Heart (7DRL 2016)
« on: March 07, 2016, 11:27:40 pm »
Hi, Pixelation. This year we are teaming with Darren Grey for Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. While he is experienced at making roguelikes, I'm just on the "artsy" side of things. That's why I wanted to ask for critique on my art.

While I gravitate towards crisp and clean pixels, I tend to you too much colors, so image happens to be a little blurry and muddy. Palettes are my constant struggle each time. Here's my initial mockup for graphics:

And here I tried to cut colors on characters and make them cleaner:

Setting is somewhat dark fantasy. Spirits of Earth and Air are playable characters of the game. Despite most roguelikes having primitive graphics and 7DRL being just a week-long gamejam I still take these passion projects seriously and personal. Would appretiate comments on art overral and palettes for both 1st and 2nd variants.

Challenges & Activities / Re: Hexquisite Corpse III
« on: March 06, 2016, 10:24:21 pm »
Little late with T38, working hard to finish it right now.

Challenges & Activities / Re: Hexquisite Corpse III
« on: March 03, 2016, 09:58:16 pm »
T38. - DONE!

Challenges & Activities / Re: Hexquisite Corpse III
« on: March 02, 2016, 06:32:27 am »
T3 please. - DONE!

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