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*edit - would it look better with a second arm?  I want him to have a casual, but confident pose.

I think it would, yes.

The top of his back looked kind of like a butt. Too exagerated and didn't really reflect much how muscles work there.
I would advise simplifying that part first and foremost.

Here's some reference for you for the future:

That guy has a lot of great anatomy tips, by the way.

Pixel Art / Re: Sprites and tiles and UI bits, oh my!
« on: June 02, 2021, 02:18:22 pm »
As I've said before, images on imgur often just don't show up for me, and I'm not sure why.  That makes me reluctant to use it.

Time for me to unmothball that webspace, I guess.
Ah, yeah, I forgot. It sucks that most image hosting websites are meant to store photos so they will most likely compress the images you upload.
I guess alternatively you could try this one:

Pixel Art / Re: Sprites and tiles and UI bits, oh my!
« on: June 02, 2021, 10:01:54 am »
The dirt looks nice, and it really isn't pixel noise (which is good) but it still pretty noisy (which is bad).
I would try using flatter-looking areas with perhaps a few mounds of dirt here and there for variation.

It may look good enough if you painted some blobs of a single color on top of what you have there...

By the way your host or something compressed the image again, it's all full of artifacting.
Imgur is a much better image host (at the moment anyway) and it won't compress your PNG files or turn them into JPEGs. You can actually copy paste images there and then grab the link, no need to go through the process of saving a copy then uploading it there.

Pixel Art / Re: Barbarian sprite with NES specs [WIP][C+C]
« on: May 31, 2021, 09:47:55 am »
Interesting! Would that also apply to the "w", except with it starting with the "v"? I actually like the shape of the "w" a lot at the moment, but I imagine having both it and the "m" as double-width characters would look consistent.
Yeah, I think so. I'm not sure if I'm going to do that because that last part of both M and W would have to be pretty wide otherwise the space between letters would be really bothersome to look at, like the uppercase "I" and lowercase "l" and "i" usually are... And both N and V would have to touch the boundaries of an 8x8 tile.

The W, for instance, would have to look something like this:

I guess it works better for squarish letters. Or 8x16 characters, as the gap between "N" and "\", and "V" and the other "V" could be small enough to sort of disappear.

But I'm undecided right now for what kind of a typeface would look more inline with this game. It could be something more 70s looking, more whimsical, or just heavier and more solid looking...

I did this other font face one these days which I could use instead:

Playing around a little bit with the 4-palette, 16x16px area per palette limit of the NES... Still got 1 palette to "spare"...

I don't think I'm going to use this anywhere, I'm using it more for practice.
I wasn't thinking about doing that when I started, so that's why there's too much color clash... Some optimization would be required (moving things around, changing some shapes to conform, etc.)

This is how those areas are divided:

Could use something like this if I were to use all 4 palettes (not counting those for sprites, just using bg tiles):

Sorry about the late reply.

23 colors -> 12 colors (alt)

I think you had too many colors and too little contrast between them. You should (IMO) choose colors that aren't as close to one another in terms of value.
They were also too dark (except for white, obviously) and thus made your character very hard to see and understand his features.

Also, pillow shading doesn't help much in defining form.  Make it like there's a light above the character and shade him accordingly.

Pixel Art / Re: Some characters
« on: May 25, 2021, 02:43:39 pm »
Let's be honest: I'm not sure Netflix is even going to call me.

:lol: They just might!
I'd answer this post with a meme if I were allowed to post that.

In order to make that pectoral armor not appear too flat, you may want to consider:

(I made it rounder, but then it was too round. :lol:)

Pixel Art / Re: Lizardman - please critique
« on: May 25, 2021, 05:29:42 am »
fskn - I was looking at that too. Ive saved every step. It has been quite the lesson :)

And are any of you doing this on a professional level? Your skills are really good I think!
I'm guessing at least bengo and seinruhe are pros. cels is trying to convince us he's a noob like me, and I'm here just having fun, really.
The forums were way more active at one time, yes, and most people that used to come here seem to be posting on the Discord now, those who are not just on Twitter, but I can't stand Discord. It's like a big chatroom and it's a mess. Forums are way better organized.

Pixel Art / Re: Lizardman - please critique
« on: May 25, 2021, 02:19:36 am »
Amazing improvement.

Nobody has said anything about this but the lighting on the farthest foot looks a bit weird to me. Am I seeing this wrong? Maybe I'm just confused about the geometry.

I'm not sure, thus why I didn't say anything, but you could be right on that.
I guess the main thing is that the front of the torso should be more in shadow like what bengo said. Then the leg would also be in shadow. The top of the foot, though, should probably be darker.

Considering the position of the light source, the torso would cast a shadow on the farthest leg, but not necessarily on the foot.

Pixel Art / Re: Some characters
« on: May 25, 2021, 01:53:38 am »
I did like the look of the helmet tilted back, but it didn't feel quite right for what I'm trying to do here. Uh, and I need to fix that banding.

Hmmm... What about extending the arm that's holding the sword? Because he's carrying the axe, but is threatening to use the sword. Looks like.

I'm thinking something like...

I don't know if that chestplate makes sense in your historical context, but that form, like he's with a puffed up chest, makes it look cool, IMO.

Wait, he's meant to have a cape? Let's give him a big honking cape, or something like a bear pelt:

(that's actually an excuse to give him the appearance of having bigger traps. :P)

On the guy with the shield, I like it how dynamic it looks, but him holding the spear so close to the tip makes him feel very protective IMHO, very defensive. I don't know if that's the intention, or if it's a byproduct of you wanting to use a perfect 45 degree angle on the spear, because it looks better in pixel art. It's as smooth as it gets without being perfectly vertical or horizontal, yet because of that you need to have that tip a little too close to his body, otherwise it would be stuck onto the ground.

You could try making that spear a 2-1 instead of a 1-1:

Though now one of the arrows gets parallel with the back of the spear and would need to be changed...

So let's put that at a 45 degree angle:

General Discussion / Re: Perspective in top-down pixel art?
« on: May 24, 2021, 11:01:43 pm »
I still don't really get this one:

What I figured out so far is that the height of my circles are half of the width. But let's say I have to make a tree how do I know how big the top part is and how big the front is?

Because let's say the tree stump in the tutorial is taller and the hole stays the same size then the ratio is lost, right? So on what ratio do you base the sizes on? So how would you edit the ratio for it to make sense with a taller trunk (front), but same hole size (top down)?

Also according to my circle ratio I should make grass that is more top-down than frontal, but frontal grass just looks so much better...

You should be working with cubes, basically. Which is what Cyangmou put there to illustrate and to give a reference.
Being isometric, every width is the same, every height is the same... He did use some perspective there, though (1-point persp), which doesn't make much sense to me, because your other assets would seem inconsistent when you placed them side by side. They would each point to a different, erhm, point in the horizon.
If you're not working with tiled assets, though, and are just making a "scene", then you would make every asset follow the established perspective, its VP(s), horizon line, viewer angle, etc.

Actually, fuggedabout that. Draw a grid and pull lines up from it. If you need to find the center of a "square" draw an "X" connecting its vertices diagonally.
A circle should touch the middle point of each edge of a square, and if it's in perspective, then use the "X" trick to find those middle points.
I'm pretty sure drawabox will show you how to do this, so you should check that.

The size of a square on a grid is unimportant if you're not working with tiled assets. But if you say it's "1 meter" in length, then you all of your assets would be based on that measurement.

You may want to stylize, though, and make assets that are, say, chunkier, more chibi-like, so proportions wouldn't work the same as in real life. But you would still have "your meter" to work with.

As for the grass looking better in frontal, than in top-down perspective... Well, that's for you to decide. If you use frontal view it will look inconsistent with the rest of the assets, but not necessarily bad.

Does that answer that question?

Just in case it doesn't here goes a TL;DR:
Make a grid using the perspective you want. Practice drawing simple forms in it. Cubes, Spheres, Cylinders, Cones. Then base your assets on those forms.

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