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Job offers / [PAID] Looking for 2d Sprite Artist for Mobile Game
« on: February 15, 2014, 04:19:04 am »
I'm writing a mobile game and I want an alien to be the player you control. Right now it's named, "Martian Miner," and basically what you do is you have to run to each mining point by swiping your finger to move and and tapping to mine a certain amount of gems while avoiding obstacles and monsters before the time limit runs out.

Art-wise, I'm looking to start out with a 32x32 4-direction walking spritesheet of a mining alien with a pickaxe in one hand, and then a 4-direction spritesheet for swinging the pick in each direction.

Please message me a quote of how much this would cost along with any experience. I want to pay a flat rate and not hourly.

I would definitely be looking for more art for the game in the future if I am satisfied with your work and price.

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