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My name is Joseph and i am a programmer looking for a good sprite artist who could make a dark, gloomy, apocalyptic environment and characters.

Essentially a artist for the whole game. The game takes place in a dense urban wasteland. And the story, while not telling too much, is a man with schizophrenia looking for his family, who 'believes' what he sees.

The enemies will include zombie esque creatures. ( i wouldn't use the term zombies because i feel zombies are overused in today's games and to original ) but these 'creatures' would have the shambling/limping zombie attributes.

Here is a list of more specific sprites, skills, and animations needed

-Destroyed Urban wasteland environments

-A survivor looking character

-Zombie like enemies/mutants

-Great at making gun fire animations like this (

If you are interested in anyway or want to know a little more about me or the game itself. Contact me with this Email, where payment and others will be discussed:

Thank you for your time.


Job is now taken! Sorry folks.

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