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Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Factory
« on: July 12, 2014, 09:03:56 pm »
This an actual screenshot I can easily increase the ambient light of the scene. I should see it on different monitors.
I added some shadows on the pipes but maybe it's too dark to see  them :) I also think I'm going to reduce the size of the pipes they feel enormous in game.
I will address readability, even though playing full screen It's a different feel.
Luckily it's a WIP!

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Factory
« on: July 12, 2014, 01:33:53 pm »
here's an actual screenshot from the game, thank you guys

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Factory
« on: July 08, 2014, 09:13:34 pm »
You read my mind! I was busy coding the lights system in the game and that is an actual (crude) screenshot:

(the lights profiles are hand made and your link really comes in help)

btw thank for tweet about this post, i appreciated :)

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Factory
« on: July 07, 2014, 10:17:06 am »
Wow! That's a good edit, I'm impressed. Thank you a lot!
I was reluctant to add a 3d profundity to the game because I had some artworks from a precedent incarnation of this project which were 'flat'. Maybe I'll spend extra try to convert the old stuff.
(I'm very cautious with my time schedule since I can't afford to waste time and I am very determined to finish this game)
As I stated before I'm yet to decide how to implement lights and shadows. Hand made them like in your edit give me more control over the composition but since I plan to have extensive level (exploration is part of the gameplay) It could be both too time consuming for a lone developer like me to implement and memory intensive. The other option is to code the lights and shadows in the engine which could solve the above problems but it make harder to implement cool effects like the colored dynamic highlights and complex shadows.
The approach I am considering is a mix of both worlds: hand made lights/shadows shapes with coded color/intensity/size.
Also, for my personal taste, I'd prefer to have hard contrast/clean lines but let's see how this goes

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Factory
« on: July 05, 2014, 04:40:56 pm »
@Everybody: Thanks for the constructive feedback! I'm working on this alone It really helps to listen other people opinions.
Regards the shadows I have still to decide to implement them via the engine or hand draw them. Both approach have their pros and cons. Still figuring out.

@astraldata: Somethings like the barrels and the wooden crates are thing I made very rapidly as filler I plan to implement them further.

@Manupix: The truth is I didn't spent much time in the composition this is not going to be an actual level of the game, I just put it together in order to use this (early) tileset. Almost everything on screen is 32x32 tile (except for the larger sprites).
I will work on the bricks, anyway in real life it is quite rare to an uninterrupted wall of several square meters I plan to add more variation on the brick as well as columns, niches, openings etc.  I will add supports for the pipes, it's a nice touch.
Thanks for the links! (for you to have a better view of the color counting I added the same scene without illumination)

@jahasaja My main concern is depth as well. At this stage the scene feel quite flat because i didn't decided yet how to implement the shadows yet. This can be a problem for the gameplay too since the lack of depth affects readability too (you should know at a glance if the player can pass through things or jump over them)

Here the unlit version of the scene more updates will follow, stay tuned! :)

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: How to make gold shine???
« on: July 04, 2014, 05:01:25 pm »
I made a quick edit adding some contrast and shifting the palette towards brown.
I hope it helps.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#200 - Factory - Background Lighting
« on: July 04, 2014, 04:17:46 pm »
This is a mockup for a level of my game:

I would love some feedback from you guys.

Pixel Art / Re: Child running animation
« on: July 02, 2014, 09:20:42 am »
Here's a quick edit I'm almost happy with the animation overall. I will spend some more time cleaning up everything.

Pixel Art / Re: Child running animation
« on: July 01, 2014, 01:52:43 pm »
I'll try to add more weight. Since he is a child I didn't feel like add lot of mass, but you are right that make just sense. I'll post an update soon. Thanks

Pixel Art / Re: Child running animation
« on: June 26, 2014, 04:43:03 pm »
I made an update that is i ditch the original one and started again from scratch. I'm still not completely happy whit this but that's why i continued to post it in this forum :)

Any suggestions on how to improve on this?

Also I'm curious about your workflow. I sometime can draw for hours and be very productive but once in a while I get stuck on something and I need to spend days on a single piece until I get it right. Do you people have some strategies do deal with that?
I usually go and do something completely different (since I'm developing a game, I always have plenty of stuff to do) what helps you?

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