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Pixel Art / [C+C] Poses training
« on: August 05, 2015, 03:23:27 pm »
Hello everyone.

On the right is less saturated version.

I need your opinion of this picture. What I am mostly concerned about are the pose, the anatomy and the readability (I mean, lack of it) of the sword guard.. and everything else. Also I should finish the legs and the arms somehow.
The pose used to look completely decent to me, but at some moment I noticed that the right arm looks sort of overbent or deviated in a wrong way, although I didn`t change the shape - I think the problem is in its colouring which creates the impression that a part of the arm is somehow closer to the viewer than it could possibly be. So I need some help with it.

Any kinds of opinions are welcome.  :)

Pixel Art / Aztec
« on: February 08, 2015, 04:31:04 pm »
Hello again, guys.

I was going to participate in "Before Columbus" challenge on PJ, but looking at the completeness of what I have I apparently fail to finish on time. So the best option left is to ask for advice here and do it properly.

So, here it is:

It`s much more serious than anything I tried before. I tried to make a composition, a perspective (3-point on the ziggurat, but 2-point on everything else, in fact). Everything is split in two in two directions: top-down and left-right.

Here it is with the vanishing points (the very first sketch):

I`ve never seen a drawing with anything situated beyond the vanishing points, and all my acquainted artists are too far so I could ask, so I had to improvise. There are no restrictions in the reality, right? There is panorama perspective (thing right out of hell). So, I`d like you to tell whether it`s wrong or very wrong here. :)

The palette:

I tried to do the "earth" palette which I was talking about in chatterbox: green shifted to brown and brown. I also added blue and red. Red looks a bit off as it doesn`t get shifted to brown: it stays red or becomes ginger. I spent a lot of time on the palette, and I like it, although it`s not perfect. May be it came out too dark. Do you think so?
Also I planned colour dichotomy (don`t look for it, I didn`t make it yet, and I`m not sure if I will manage to) to separate armies: the left one (conquerors) red-brown and the right one (defenders) green-brown, brown as the neutral colour.

Some global critique and advice would be nice to get before adding the details.
P. S. The tree on the right is a placeholder, I will define the shape and colouring later.

Pixel Art / Well, I`m stuck.
« on: January 18, 2015, 11:11:51 pm »
This year`s Secret Santa was a messy thing for me. As a result, I failed to finish my present in time (I showed part of it), but I ought to finish it at last through thick and thin. At one moment I realised I couldn`t come up with any way to make it better, and the picture, unfortunately, was faaaaaar from perfect.
Suddenly I got a couple of ideas just before posting here, but I`m going to ask advice nevertheless.

You may comment on everything you consider deserving mentioning, although I`ve decided to solve some general problems first, such as overall balance, composition, palette.

Here is the original version I had:

Version #2:

Version #3:

Made #2 & #3 in a minute, so they are super-rough, but I hope that`s enough to point out general problems. I think the balance is pretty nice in the 3rd one.
I don`t like the current palette. Some colours are pure waste.

May be this photo will help you to understand what perspective I`m going after.

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