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Okay so I attempted the no line shading on the musculature.  Im not sure if I am doing it well--or correctly.
I pulled his arms out a bit to give them a bit more length.  I rotated his left hand a tiny bit so it didn't feel so big and adjusted things a touch accordingly.
I brought his legs in line so they don't appear to be of differing lengths as well.

Touched up some of the shading I had done to eliminate stray pixels.  I have to work really hard to pull out the shapes using solid masses of color because it seems to look a bit blobby well before it approaches looking a bit correct.  :(

Can you clarify what you meant about the belt before?  I'm not certain I understand.
Thanks again!


I worked some more on the things that were suggested.

I can see that there are certain anatomical abnormalities on the character, but I will mention briefly that I was aiming for a cartoonish exaggeration of certain features.  That is why the hands are overly large, the rounded muscle lines, and even the legs being shorter and the arms being somewhat exaggerated as well.  Though I have to admit I don't understand how to use colors to emphasize anatomy without drawing lines on small features like his abs.  If I just used colors it would just be a solid splotch on his torso.  (explanation?)

I did do a bad job with the legs and the arm lengths are somewhat uneven.  I will try to bring it more in line with my goal, but my goal isn't expressly human perfection.
I am  not certain I understand where to go with the colors.  This is one of my questions and I was looking for advice on that, but I'm receiving conflicting feedback from three different sources on it. I understand that potentially this is stylistic.  I do struggle with those choices though.  It's hard for me to picture in my mind what colors to start with and how to build a range off of a particular choice.  :huh:
Thank you for your advice, both of you.  Your time is appreciated.
Im going to get back to work on another edit.


Blew it up proportionally to show a bigger representation.  Actual size is in corner.
I've been working on it throughout the day, since posting.
Took your advice and tried to redirect my lighting somewhat.
I adjusted my palette more and tried to show more texture on surfaces as well.
Thank you for the advice by the way.  I appreciate it.  Let me know if I'm way off on how I tried this.  (Thanks again!) :lol:

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#143 - Blacksmith - Sprite Process
« on: November 01, 2013, 04:56:04 pm »
Hello all,
I have been watching this forum periodically for a while.  First posting.
New to pixel art and hoping to get some helpful tips and advice here.  Feel free to criticize and point out flaws or better ways to do things.
I started working from a white page and used only black to draw the figure.  Spent a few hours on this (yes hours I'm terribly slow and use a mouse) and decided to move towards coloring it (terrible at this as well).
I worked hard to choose ranges of colors that I felt would lighten, shade, and give depth to the figure.
I particularly like the hat, body, and beard.  However, I feel like I don't know how to improve the flat paneled hammer or the blotchy feeling pants.
Advice is greatly appreciated.

Current Progress  [Still WIP On Scene]

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