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Pixel Art / Re: NES Restrictions: Survival Mockup
« on: November 10, 2013, 08:22:34 pm »
A lot of the old NES games used a black border and placed their HUD within that. This was pretty common well into the SNES days as well.
I suspect it was because of the color restrictions and it allowed much more dynamic HUD styles as they didn't have to compete with the screen sprites and such.
Maybe this will help you?  Maybe not.  I thought I would put it forward though.

Edit:  If you made your transparent the black for the border?  Another thought.  :huh:

 :lol:  That's sorta where I was taking this but I'm working on the individual components a bit first. I found an image of a smithy in an old castle and was trying to use it for reference. I'm not very quick, as I still take quite a bit of time selecting my colors and tweaking them back and forth. I will get a rudimentary update of my version of the scene up sometime soon.

These are super cool.  I hadn't even considered the idea of placing more body hair on him. I love the way different takes on his eyes and nose can completely change his face in a way that gives him an entirely different personality.  Pixel art is so fun.  :y:

[[WIP WARNING]] This is what I have been working on now. I realize that I am going to have to alter the lighting angles on everything as I place a fire in. I'm posting an update to show where it's going and maybe get some critique on the overall layout. Making silly mistakes that just don't seem congruous after I look it over.

1: Does the angle of the tiles on the floor (they aren't finished at all) look odd when lined up with the furnace/wall.

2: Does the furnace to wall angle seem a bit awkward?  Should I angle either one away?  I wasn't really going for a smooth quadrangle room, but are the odd angles off putting enough to be bothersome?  I'm thinking about turning the furnace more downward or laterally to match the wall or feel more apart from the wall.  ~It might be easier to angle the wall away though, not that easy was my goal.~

3:  Finally any advice on color palette shifts for the wall and/or advice on how to do the stone tiles on the floor.  I was aiming for a sort of diagonal layout of offset square tiles to challenge myself.  [Maybe bit off more than I was ready to chew there. :'(

4: Does the off center placement of the character force more attention on the furnace layout?  Should I move him back to the center by widening the shot or cutting off the edge of the furnace?

Anyway, my thanks for any comments or critical assistance on this. Advice is greatly appreciated and I'm really looking to push my limits to new levels with this new layout.

Thanks for the input. My progress has been at no small expense of time and effort. I have been using this particular piece to basically ram in dozens of hours of pixel/art study. I decided I wanted to learn so I'm giving it my all. The guidance of others has helped me to grow in ways I never could have managed on my own.
I will get an edit up shortly taking into consideration your pointers. I doubt I will play with the orange/red lighting from the bar too much at this point. I have previously, but everything I came up with felt far TOO orange and I couldn't seem to get it to work right. I'm just not good enough with the palette choices yet.
Thanks again for your help!  I really appreciate it.   ;D

Played with the right and left arms some more.  Worked his waistline some and took that advice on dimming the contrast line in his midsection.
I'm feeling fairly good about it at this point. Although I have yet to find a way to create the light effect with offset colors. ~Still trying~
If anyone has some more feedback, I would love to hear it. I'm looking for new ways to challenge myself with this piece. I've started another major edit but haven't yet brought it to a level I feel comfortable showing as it is still heavy [WIP].

 :P Those were my exact thoughts when I posted it. That I should probably find a way to pull that arm back so it doesn't look so straight. Give some depth shading to the elbow and pull it inward some so it looks bent more. Edit will be coming along at some point later today.

Attempted to bend the arm some. I keep fiddling with it more, but this was the closest I came to being satisfied with it at so far.  I'm switching over to something else for a few hours and hope that when I return to it that something clicks for me.
Any comments or assistance are, as always, greatly appreciated.   ;D


Spent some time reworking his arm and hand.  I'm not entirely content with how it turned out yet.
Moved the anvil some, but again not sure how I feel about it yet.  I almost feel like I need to alter the angle of the anvil to pull it more level with his  stance and positioning.
I tried angling the bar a bit. Found that I didn't enjoy pulling it away from a straight edge to angle it.

Let me know what you think. Feel free to C&C some more on the stance and his build. I am beginning to feel more comfortable recomposing his stance as I improve with my ability to draw and color.  :crazy:

 ::)  Thanks.  I'm still monkeying with that hand a bit. I feel like it's more a matter of the angle of his pose than anything else causing the problem. Artistically I wasn't good enough to set it up with the correct angles and found myself struggling to get it to come together.
I'm a little too stubborn to accept a need to simply redesign the whole arrangement to get them to fit better.  So at the moment, I am still fighting the hand.

The texture of your grass will feel differently depending on what you place on top of it.
The first version you had was large textured implying a much closer view of the grass blades.  This works more on games with large close up sprites.

The more "noisy" grass tile would look much better with sprites that are much smaller scale, as if from very far away.

Also, you will find that a lot of the definition in a grass tile comes not from the actual texture and color but the separation of the grass with other terrains as well. Are you going to use simple square tiles to link the grass with soils, roads, water, and so on?
Or are you going to create more defined borders and transitional edges?

I am far from an expert on these things.  I was just putting forward the ideas because you haven't really clearly expressed your purposes and your end goal does have something to do with the style you should aim for with your terrains.

~Things to think about~

Pixel Art / Re: Strategy game character sprites [C+C]
« on: November 08, 2013, 03:28:06 am »
Start by taking some time to find a clear representation of what your goal is.  As Decroded has pointed out, the shape isn't exactly intuitive for what you are expressing your goal to be.
Spend some time looking for a real life representation of something similar and find several versions of it so you can look over the way it looks from different angles and in different lighting variations.

The shape of your design does somewhat resemble a parchment or mid draping cloth in a way.  I got the same feeling he did from your image and comment(lacquered plaque of some sort).

Pixel Art / Re: Tiles First attempt
« on: November 06, 2013, 06:14:58 pm »
Everything I learned in the last week has been from analyzing other people's work to see how they did things and just trying it for myself.
I have found that as a noob you can't just imitate someone's style very easily. It really takes a lot of time and practice to UNDERSTAND what they are doing fully. (Started this thread last week asking for help.)
I have been working on my own project and if you look from my earliest post to the newest update I went from drawing with black lines on a white page to very flat and jagged coloring to what I have now. Just stay at it and put time in. You will get better with time and experience. Listen to the advice of others even if it doesn't work for you right away.  You will figure it out quickly or slowly over time and it will come together more and more as you work with it all. I'm working on color theory right now and lighting effects.

Pixel Art / Re: Ancient Roman Medic Sprite (C+C please)
« on: November 06, 2013, 06:05:39 pm »
Some of that flatness comes from the palette choices.  Brown on brown on another brown. If you look in your reference image, the character has red tones in his skin, and the toga has a lot of green contrast as it moves from shadow to the light. I'm just learning, myself, but thought this might help some.

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