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Commercial Critique / Re: Commercial Critique Challenge - Pokemon Red/Blue
« on: September 20, 2014, 04:19:07 pm »
Thanks! You're right, I could get two more rows of tiles for the background (though I hate you for suggesting it because I just finished the bgs yesterday).  I do like the buffer between the bottom of the BG and the text area, but I can make a quick mock up tomorrow and see how it would look with a larger BG.  The only thing is (due to the nature of the code I've written) I can only use 16 different tiles for the BG (not counting solid colors), so I wouldn't be able to add in any new tiles.  Thanks for the suggestion though!

Commercial Critique / Re: Commercial Critique Challenge - Pokemon Red/Blue
« on: September 17, 2014, 11:15:51 pm »
Sorry for the double post, but for those still interested, I added the finishing touches to the battle screen HUD.  I updated the level tiles (they now appear for both pokemon), added an Exp bar, and added a pokeball that lets you know if you have already caught the opposing pokemon.  Check out the video below (with the DragonDePlatino and StevenM "indoor" background).

Looks good! Are you going to implement the entire battle mechanics?  That sounds like a huge undertaking

pokeglitch, that looks absolutely amazing! The black background gives the battle a cinematic feel reminiscent to the nidorino vs gengar cutscene, and that's a great thing.

a few concerns:
- where would trainer's remaining pokemon be shown?
- will you have "HP" in the HUD at all? without it things get to be a bit nebulous up there
- do you plan on making exp shown in hud? It's pretty important!

Thanks!  I agree with you about the cinematic effect.

For your questions:
-The trainer party info will be shown where the HP is current displayed
-The players pokemon HP (in numbers) is displayed next to the minisprite, under the HUD.  It only shows the current HP though.
-I have considered and Exp bar.  The only place for it to fit, though, is in the three vertical tiles before the enemy Pokemon's mini sprite.  I'm not sure how it will look, but I'll play around with some designs.  I'm mostly worried about animating it, but if that before troublesome I can just skip any animation

Kirby, how is your game coming along?

I have posted a video of the new battle sequence onto my youtube page, take a look and tell me what you all think!

I can't begin to tell you all what wonderful people you are.

I don't know what possessed me to wander haplessly into this forum and stumble upon this topic, but seeing all this has inspired me, and motivated me to try my hand at programming again.  In two hours, I have made a picture-perfect replica of Pallet Town and Route 1, all basic functions of the game save for Pokemon encounters intact.

My time these days is extremely limited, so I don't know how fast I'll be able to work on this little pet project, but should I get farther along in it, perhaps I could work with some of you to allow for in-game interface swapping to one of these masterpieces you've designed.  It will already be incredibly easy to work with you all as it is, since you obviously understand how tiles work.

Are you creating a game from scratch?

I updated the layout of my battle screen to incorporate the superb background tiles that StevenM and DragonDePlatino have displayed.

Actually, only the forest is introduced at the moment (and slightly modified since I can only work with 9 tiles in height and 18 bg tiles overall). I can introduce the caves and indoor tiles very easily since the infrastructure is all set up.

I need to fix some things tonight and add in the final remaining feature (Loading the 'face' tiles) and then I will post some screenshots.

If anyone is interested in helping me with the design of more background environments, that would be awesome. Let me know!


Here are the screenshots, the faces haven't been implemented yet.  Which style do you think works best?

I agree with Ryumaru, those look great. They really fit in with the game.  Good work on them!  You've inspired me to fix up my battle screen with a more detailed background akin to those!

Thanks for the support, JinnDEvil.  I've been chipping away at the overworld tilesets/layouts.  There's a lot more maps in this game than I anticipated.  I've added in a few more features while I've been doing the maps, so that's why things are going slow.  After the maps I will be taking a break from graphics and focusing on coding, (items, HMs and a few other new features).  Then I'll jump back into some graphics (mainly overworld Pokemon sprites).  Then I will play through and finally finish all the texts and overworld scripts.

Still months of work, especially since it will be going slow once summer comes

Thanks Vagrant (if you're talking to me).  Right now I'm still finishing up graphics, but I don't think I need any new content at the moment.  I'll definitely keep you in mind if something comes up.  I'm getting closer to a release, but still have a few more weeks of work.

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