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Unpaid Work / Re: Platform based game - Pixel artist needed
« on: October 11, 2013, 01:27:30 pm »
MY bad
I was implying that if anybody participated, they would get credits. Of cource. How can I deny what is already theirs.
Sorry for your misunderstanding [or maybe my bad english]. Either ways, i will edit it right away...
By the way, how do you think of my idea??

Unpaid Work / Platform based game - Pixel artist needed
« on: October 11, 2013, 07:57:14 am »
Hi guys,
I am making a platformer adventure game. It is a game based on searching places and finding stuff which will finally help defeat the main villain.
I program and design games but I cant draw proper graphics, let alone pixelart. So, I require a pixel artist who will work with me on the game.
Yes, It is unpaid job.

You need to draw and animate main character :
a robot
And possibly the background

The visual style will be like metal slug {something}
the character will be a cross of wall-e and the robot pictures i found on []. Specially the robot ant and one hand robot. It is gonna be a cool mechanical robot.

The setting( backgrounds) will be in something like a factory, forest, Underwater and places like that.

The robot had fallen off a spaceship because of attack of the evil big robot. Now to return back to it's master it must find it;s broken parts like jet pack, gun and stuff. All of them are hidden in a big world.

The levels will be nonlinear. no matter which you play first and which you complete last.
all levels must be finished to go to the boss stage.

I require those art assets

As of what will you get from it, You will get satisfaction and credits{FOR SURE}

If you want more details about the game or if you want to  be my pixel artist, please message me... ;D

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