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Pixel Art / Re: Spiritwake [project page]
« on: September 16, 2013, 11:41:07 am »
Thanks for the feedback numlock. Tonally speaking the boulderkin and the wolf are on the two ends of the stylistic spectrum. With the wolf being the most normal enemy and the boulderkin the silliest. Still i'll  consider giving the wolf a more stylistic touch when I work it's variants. But I wouldn't mind getting a few more enemies done the the mean time so as to build a more consistent tone in general. That aside, I have made some variant boulderkins, first as a way to text different pallets and then well, yeah.

Pixel Art / Spiritwake [project page]
« on: September 15, 2013, 02:35:41 pm »
Hello Pixelation!

I used to post here way back in the day (about nine-ten years ago when I was smaller and considerably worse at art) so its nice to see this place still ticking along.

After a big hiatus from pixel art I am now working on a boardgame that me and my business partner are tenuously hoping to kickstart in a few months. It boasts co-op roguelike gameplay with exploration of lands and the fighting of many interesting monsters. The system is written up and all that is left is assets and play testing, so i'm churning away at that.

So with that all aside I was hoping this page could be a general WIP project page for the game and the art.

Okay so to kick things off here are the two monsters i've pixeled so far. Note that these guys are going to be enlarged and printed on playing cards.

Current WIPs:

Nymph and Bear (heavy wip)

Complete Monsters:
Spiritwolf (a weakish starting enemy)

Boulderkin (a strong late game enemy)

The Boulderkin is somewhat more WIP then the wolf.

Feedback would be very welcome.

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