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Pixel Art / Re: Free 3D Printable Pixel Art creator app is out!
« on: March 25, 2015, 04:27:42 am »
I've never actually seen anyone make anything visually appealing with "voxels".

You guys should check Sir Carma out then (

Pixel Art / Re: I haven't posted in 9 years
« on: March 22, 2015, 02:19:01 pm »
Great stuff!

I ~think~ I remember you from back in the day, I was just a wee baby artist back then tho so I doubt you'd remember me, I can't even remember my username lmao (I think it was pixeldragon or something dorky like that).

Latest piece is looking really nice there, i'm not going to be able to comment much until it's more polished as landscapes like that a bit above my skill level. The only thing I can think of at this stage is that the moon is a touch distracting.

Composition-wise I think you're close to the golden ratio in your focal points, which is looking lovely, the only thing to break that is the moons placement and brightness. So you might want to watch that, or perhaps tone it down a shade.

As an aside, you might be interested as a digital illustrator in Fessler's indexing approach(, I think you would be able to utilize it better then most. Though that might defeat the purpose of returning to pixels for you i'm not sure.

Pixel Art / Re: Alco's Process Thread 2.0 (nsfw)
« on: March 21, 2015, 04:12:44 am »

There have been a few developments.

I've been playing around with process a touch, I wanted to experiment with combining both paintitool SAI and Pixels into the same work. Originally my thought was to transfer pallet and design from pixels to sai, but it ended up coming back when I started to play with fessler's index painting tech.

Things are still WIP (still have to refine the body). But here is some progress.

(index and refinement progress included for you puritans ;) )

General Discussion / Re: Streaming Pixels Thread
« on: March 18, 2015, 09:55:03 pm »
just have to think of a name ;)
SSPP --> Super Streaming Pixel People.
PPP --> Pixelation Pixel Party
PPP --> Pixelation Pixels Picarto
POP --> Pixelation on Picarto

Feel free to come up with something better.  :crazy:
I guess the name is too hard to come up with.

I might stream in a few minutes after I get done writing this conclusion for this essay.

Created a twitter account pixelsonpicarto but got a little lost trying to find a way to automate it / link it to streaming. 

General Discussion / Re: 2d Animation Schools
« on: March 08, 2015, 11:05:11 am »
having all those points as categorization labels in a single huge forum might work, (but this also makes more work for starting a thread)
Splitting all those between boards wouldn't be that effective, but a good directory for finished threads is valuable - if you want to read stuff on a certain topic.

Actually I quite like that, having one big working board, and then numerous theory boards where threads are categorized and retired. And where particular process pieces can be developed. It would also make any relevant good read a touch easier to find when your looking for something specific.

Pixel Art / Re: Alco's Process Thread 2.0 (nsfw)
« on: March 08, 2015, 10:56:30 am »

I was trying my very best to ignore that but now you've gone and made me fix it! ;p

Also thank you for your nice words. :)

Here it is fixed with a few other changes (including the face).

Pretty much ready to call this done.

and here is a slightly updated princess

General Discussion / Re: 2d Animation Schools
« on: March 08, 2015, 05:18:25 am »
Animation board was my idea.  :ouch:
There was the same concerns as yours from others.
I made some silly arguments.
Then we made one.
The end.

Whoops sorry for the shiner PPD  :O

I don't actually disagree with your argument at all, my only point would be that i'm not sure if we have the numbers to make it a reality.

More specific categorization is a good way to bring a topic into focus, but it certainly has it's issues.

If we, for example, have an animation board then why not a should we have a games art board? a portrait art board? all of these things could benefit under a closer more focused lens and all of these are huge topics worthy of there own board in scope, however the issue with categorization is that it tends to ignore the points in which these subjects intersect. Portrait art for games, animation for games, animated portraits, ect ect. It also runs into the problem that a particular thread, especially in pixelation, has a tendency to evolve and change, people often bring in things like animation to a static piece to further a process, where then does this thread live?

The second issue, and this one is more specific to the forum, is that by adding a different section you tend to split views. I might to talking mostly about my own habits here but I tend to only really check the general and pixel boards, not because I dislike animation but simply because I don't often think about it. More then that when I have an animation to post I am unsure sometimes where to put it, the animation board may be more focused but the pixel art board gets the most attention most quickly (as far as I can tell).

I am certainly not against the idea of bringing more focus onto animation, and if this is the best way to do it given the limitations of an old forum then fair enough. But perhaps nesting it pixel art could work, or maybe making a board with duplicate or redirected threads (idk if that's technically possible) so we could maintain focus without things not showing up on the main stage so to speak.

General Discussion / Re: 2d Animation Schools
« on: March 08, 2015, 02:04:32 am »
TBH i've wondered why we even separate animation out, it doesn't get nearly as much traffic, and pixel art works often go back and forth from asset creating, shading, colours and animation, so it's hard for things to fit into that one pure category anyway. 

I mean the whole board only has 89 threads in it, as opposed to pixel art having 9047. That's no small difference.

It's a good idea in theory, but it's not a major enough category here to be worth it imo.

Pixel Art / Re: [nude] Figure
« on: March 07, 2015, 12:37:27 am »
Lovely work, always nice to see more of a fine arts angle with pixelart.

I played around with making a the face more readable, also got rid of / balanced out some slightly redundant colours.

I didn't look at it much but the back of the neck & back could use a little work as well, hard to pin down exactly why, might be a bit too rounded for a figure this thin. 

The legs and foot are really tightly pixeled, I like the unusual colours as well. Great progress on this.

Pixel Art / Re: Alco's Process Thread 2.0 (nsfw)
« on: March 06, 2015, 03:40:35 pm »
ooh so I got some really great feedback from you all thanks!

Yes defiantly needs more gay in those areas lmao hrmm very good diagram I will have to work on that.  Patch Notes from your crits:
Added shading to brunettes arm
Hopefully met the gaze?
Light source is still a bit wacky but I tried adding a bit more depth and shadows in general
I really want the tights/pants to read well so I'm a bit concerned with overshading. I might add in a light pattern next tho.
Yeah the twig things are a little superfluousness, they are meant to be the ends of off druidic katanas. i'm 50/50 on them atm. Still thinking.

Shifted the body of the blond and tired in general to get things more in perspective. Not going to do anything as dramatic as a large redraw unless it's really called for, but i'll keep your note about pushing the pose in mind.

Tried to fix both those issues.

How's it looking? Should I add a background?

@ Ryu & Night

Dang thanks a ton for the edits, you both really nailed down on some of my bad habits, especially with wrists, ankles & pelvis, so i'll certainly be using these edits as a ref in the future.

I did work on some anatomy edits, but as i'm bringing some pretty big items of clothing I didn't focus too much on getting it 100% tight.

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