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2D & 3D / new here
« on: August 18, 2013, 10:40:39 pm »
Hey hello. Just floating by here. My forte is Vexeling on a small canvas. I've kept quite the eye on this forum for a while.

I almost feel as if I've reached a peek in the techniques that I currently practice. I want to improve more though, as I feel this (my work) still isn't impressive enough, even for my liking. So I've noticed that you guys are very helpful and detailed in your critiquing and comments, which is what I love about this forum. So I was simply wondering if you guys can help me with what I can improve on, please.

I don't work on actual concepts as much as I should, but I do however experiment with color combinations and overall color composition a lot.

It's mostly just using Photoshop's Pentool and Brush.

Here's a few pieces I've made:

What do you guys think?

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