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Pixel Art / Re: 'Boring' Buttons - they look ok?
« on: September 16, 2013, 01:39:13 pm »
So I think I've made some really good improvements on the button - changed up the color on this one as well, as we believed "Resume" should have a nicer, 'go' feel to it, rather than a sad blue or a 'stop' feeling red - still working on the 'pressed down' darker part of the button, and I also think I need to brighten up the words as well as they seem a little too lackluster on the button. I know I also need to get rid of the "checkerboard-ness" of the shading on the wording too - it's still very much a WIP!

But please feel free to C&C again.

I certainly wasn't going 'retro' with the button before, apologies if anyone thought I was & I offended them unintentionally :(

Pixel Art / 'Boring' Buttons - they look ok?
« on: September 09, 2013, 09:03:57 am »
Hey guys,

Haven't been on the forums for a little bit, busy working on the game with my SO - at the moment I'm working on 'simple' buttons for the Pause Menu, and I say 'simple' because they have been anything but. I've gone through a few variations, and this is the one I like the most so far:

This the button raised up, and I'm working on a "pressed down" version (trying to go for a rounded type button look) - have I hit it? Or far from the mark?

Also, any suggestions on how I'd go about getting the pushed down/indented look? Having some serious issues getting something that even looks remotely crap, let alone anything that looks decent enough to show.

The type face will certainly change to my own font for the game - suggestions there most welcome as well.

I think I've got a case of the jaggies too, trying to smooth them out as I speak.

Pixel Art / Help with Animation?
« on: August 18, 2013, 06:33:51 am »
Hi Guys,

So I've come a long way from learning to pixel and shade the elephant characters I've been working on (which I owe to all the help on the forums - thank you so much!)

Now I'm moving onto learning to animate a few of these characters.

This was my first animation attempt, the sitting guy getting scared by something (I've put it on 'repeat' so you can see the animation, he'll normally be sitting, then go "ZOMGWHATTHEHECKISTHAT!?" part of the animation and then left with the last two frames of him shaking) - please still critique him as I think the shaking has left a little to be desired for...

And I'm now working on this guy - a happy elephant bobbing his head up and down. I tried to get some body movement in there as well, but it seems very stiff.

I have left the canvas larger than it would be as he is still very much a WIP. Any and all help is always greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Pixel Art / Re: Newbie trying to pixel elephants
« on: August 18, 2013, 06:20:28 am »
Thanks r4c7 - I see what you mean with the edits, I'll keep refining this guy as I really, really like him a lot. I also fixed up the jaggies on his trunk & ears in another edit I done recently which helped a lot.

Thank you!

Pixel Art / Re: Newbie trying to pixel elephants
« on: August 11, 2013, 03:49:52 pm »
Thanks Mr Fahrenheit, that helps a lot, I'll try those in a few sketches - worked on a new "scared guy" a little more and pixelled him tonight - something seems a little off about him. Made a LOT of changes on him already which have made some great improvements so far, but really want to hammer home the "OMG WHAT THE F@#^ IS THAT?!?!?" terrified look (he'll be shaking/shivering in game because he's so scared).

He'll also be greyed out - the "not happy" state Effelants are grey, and they turn blue when they are happy, was colouring the other guys to get practice in.


This was him coloured:

I think the 'lighter blue' spots look a lot better

Pixel Art / Re: Newbie trying to pixel elephants
« on: August 10, 2013, 12:47:22 pm »
Hmm... I see what you all mean by the white markings look like blisters, I'd prefer to keep the markings if I could, seems to be a vital "characteristic" about the character, that is if I can get them to look right. I think the issue might be that the white 'spots' are sitting where the light source is hitting them (on the back, the top of the legs etc), so that might be working against me. I'll work around it, as I said, would like to keep them if I could.

I did a few more sketches for 'concepts' again, trying to add in the cuteness factor a lot more - shorter legs, heads a little bigger than the body, the body a little more oval/squared etc. Feel free to critique them - I'm going to try pixelling one or two of them up & make a few small  changes to them (the scared guy looking behind him for example needs his body position changed as I LOVE the head expression, but his body looks like he is about to fall over lol)

Pixel Art / Re: Newbie trying to pixel elephants
« on: August 07, 2013, 11:53:25 am »
hmm yes, I see what you mean - the white is meant to be "markings", sort of like spots on the Elephant to add to the 'cuteness' & such.

Any suggestions of a way to keep the white markings without having them look like blisters?

Pixel Art / Re: Newbie trying to pixel elephants
« on: August 07, 2013, 03:00:06 am »
Hi Facet,

That helped a LOT - little things that just weren't standing out to me that made a lot of sense, thank you very much for the insight!

I did do a few of the changes mentioned below, and the difference really is great. He's still a "first pass" art I think but the overall character design I'm really liking.

The bigger "junk in the trunk" made a huge difference (with such a small change), and changed up the light source and shading which made a good improvement also.

Game Designer really liked the changes, which inspires me to keep working on them. (And they look GREAT in the game so far even though it's all first pass art so far).

Thank you so much everyone, I've appreciated all the help I've recieved so far! I'll certainly keep posting more "Effelants" as I work on them for more C&C to improve them as much as I can for the final game :)

Pixel Art / Re: Newbie trying to pixel elephants
« on: July 31, 2013, 05:34:17 am »
Thanks for the feedback YellowLime - the frown is more to portray 'sadness' in the character before they are "cheered up", why I have the frown line above the eye to act as an eyebrow to help show this emotion as well.

I'll try messing around with the frown itself and the lines around it - and to see if I can change that shine as well to make the eye feel a little better.

Thank you

Pixel Art / Re: Newbie trying to pixel elephants
« on: July 27, 2013, 03:01:35 pm »
Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, it helped out a lot.

Had a few more attempts at the overall 'character' and shading, and this was one that make it past outlining stage.

Sorry for the multiple posts - done more work on the above guy and I think it's really changed him up nicely. The Game Designer said there was something "alien" about the face, so I tried to work on it a little more. Added other small details like toe nails, knee wrinkles, trunk wrinkles, shadowed front leg in the background, changed his eye and gave him a forelock/hair-do again. I think that's what was missing from him face which changed it a lot.

Please C&C again - I really appreciate the advice, it's helped a lot & I can really see the differences in each new piece I work on.

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