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Job offers / (Closed) Sprite artist required for background graphics.
« on: November 06, 2013, 07:17:30 pm »
Hi, my name is Adrian.
I am the designer and writer of 'spirit shard' a commercial 2d shoot em up game.

- I require a Sprite artist to commence work on background graphics and animation. There are 5 levels in total. In the long run, I may split the workload between 2 sprite artists, to speed things up.
Pay is 1,000+ euros per level. I'm willing to pay a fair price. We can negotiate. I can pay 20% up front and the rest upon completion of a single level. At the very least I will require you to draw 2 to 3 levels.

There is already a sprite artist working on all enemies and boss's; as such the graphical style should match, more or less.
If you can offer advice on creating a collision map, I'm just starting this now, then all the better.
I have found a suitable candidate. (Closed)

Job offers / [CLOSED] 2d artist and animator required.
« on: July 10, 2013, 07:07:43 pm »

CLOSED: WE have found a suitable artist.

Hi all,


We are currently developing a commercial quality 2d shoot em up for the pandora. It will be free for the pandora. We also aim to release it commercially on a variety of systems including android, ouya, g.o.g (good old games) and hopefully ps vita .

Update: I have a current budget of 1,000 euros for the sprite art. This may increase as the project continues. I'm unsure as to what the rates would be for paid work like this; so if your interested we can come to a fair agreement. There is about 50 enemies and 10 boss enemies to be drawn and animated. The programmer will be handling the background graphics.

Whats a sensible price for this amount of work?


                            Here's the video


Spirit Shard is an old school 2d shoot em up, similar to what you might find on the neo geo or snes/genesis. There are 5 large levels in total. There is also a neat story running through the game and we are aiming high in terms of enemies and character design. We have an excellent concept artist who has produced, I think you will agree,some superb work so far. We are now ready to start building the game itself and want to move forward at a greater pace.


The team comprises of Mikael Johannson, (programmer and some graphics)


                                     Myself (Game design, story and game document)


                                     Linux swat, (Music) It rocks!! The music in the video was composed by linux swat.


                                     Rico, Concept art (Freelance)



So where are we and what do we need right now?


We need an additional graphic artist who can produce high quality 2d sprite art and animations, and who is willing to collaborate with M Johannson with graphics duties.

We a very detailed game document that is approximately 85% complete and should be finished in the coming weeks. Most of the programming is done except for some specifics like weapons and enemy movement patterns etc.


Please only offer your services if you genuinely have the time to devote to this project. I want to speed up the pace of this project a little and am looking to have a finished demo of level one in a timely fashion.

Also we would like to see some previous examples of your work, graphics and animation, if possible.


This will be a commercial venture released under the name 'Silverhawk games' and there is much to organise in this regard. All those involved in the game will recieve a percentage of all sales of 'Spirit shard' on all systems. (Excluding the sprite artist who will be paid for the work)

As such matters are several months away yet, there is time to deal with such details later. Getting a level one demo built is the priority atm.  Enjoy the video.


Ps. post here or pm me if you are interested and please provide samples of previous work. Cheers.

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