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Unpaid Work / [indie game] Seeking a 2d artist for our hobby project
« on: June 21, 2013, 03:09:05 pm »
Hello Pixelation users! I'm new here, I'm currently making a 2D indie game online and now seeking for a graphics artist for my project. 

Information about my project
The game started as a fun thing and now i love to work with it and now its a big project. The game is developed in .NET (Windows platform only). The game is in 2D tiles and it is fantasy/action game style (If you know tibia the are using 32x32 like i do to, also you can see 3 parts of a object like a house, u can see the rof, one side of the wall and the front wall).

We are 3 people working on this project(hobby) I'm the developer and the other to are contributor's & translators, non of use make's money of this game project.

There is 4 classes in game.
- Warrior
- Mage
- Healer
- Hunter

Whats done
- Website done
- Game info done
- Server/Game in development
- Host done (Server/Web)

What we seek
We are looking for a artist that can make

- Weapons
- Outfits, Characters, Monsters, etc
- Houses, walls,etc
- Money, food, etc

Well like everything with graphics. We are looking for someone with experience to do something like this. All images taken from the net and we are not using them.


We want someone that can do something in this style of work for this project.

Is there a way to earn money?
Well right now no. This is still a hobby project and we are doing it for fun, but we are putting so many hours in this and if this because something big MAYBE only MAYBE we will take a small amount of cash to pay the server electrician bill. What we do instead is that we have a credit page where your name,website,picture will be added.

So if u think this is something for you and wanna make a fun game with us? well just write on this thread and if u have any questions i will try answering them. Some questions can be ignored bcs i can't tell you code parts or storys about the game bcs the game hasn't been realised

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