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Pixel Art / Alien Characters Pixel Art
« on: March 18, 2013, 11:34:12 pm »
I've got a couple of different characters I'd like to post up here at one time or another, but I don't want to just spam everything at once, so I'll start with my current avatar here and maybe show a couple of others in this thread as I go on and improve the current ones I'm focusing on (either that or I'll just made new threads, whichever works better). I've got three sprites for him: his standing, idle blink, and walk/hop animations. I worked on him a good while ago (couple of months I think) but I thought it'd be a good place to start for feedback, because it's one of the better little projects I've worked on, and I wouldn't mind touching him up at some point based on critiques. Anyways I'll stop talking now and just post him.

Standing            Idle/Blink            Walk/Hop

(swapped out image tags so we can zoom in - Facet)

General Discussion / Re: Read the Rules, then introduce yourself here.
« on: March 18, 2013, 08:42:53 pm »
Hey everyone! My name's Chris and I'm currently majoring in Game Design at Becker College in Massachusetts. I haven't started on anything super fancy or serious yet, but I've taken a couple of stabs at pixel art over the past year or two and thought I would share some of my more recent stuff here to get feedback and tips for improvement (I find I'm pretty hard on myself, but having some external critique would help articulate exactly what and how to improve my work). I was actually recommended to sign up here by Pixelscopic, the guys currently working on Delver's Drop, as a good resource to get critique on my stuff, so I'd just like to quickly thank them for directing me here. I'm kind of bad with forum prowling so I apologize in advance if I'm not extremely active, but I'll do my best to contribute and be a part of the community!

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