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wasn't too happy about anything but the tiling in my last entry, so thought i'd give a new one a quick go:

(the colorramps are made afterwords, so they're pretty fucked up, 27 clrs overall)

the tiling in the first one was way better, and im not too happy with it overall, so i hope i'll have the time to redo the coloring my first entry
~thx for all the comments

excellent contest! quite challenging and great fun
kinda miss-used a couple of tiles so i might go back and tweak it a bit (same goes for colors ~ i could save a few), but this is more or less my finalized attempt:

40 tiles (suprise, suprise), 31clrs overall, missed the colorramp part of the rules, but i should be fine, ill post 'em when i summon the energy to make 'em

thanks to adam for doing those contests, great to see all the different styles and interpretations it spawns, might dew another one

realized that i'll properbly never summon the energy to finish this, so i might as well post it here, if anyone's up for the challenge:

Pixel Art / Re: Shoot`m`up mockup
« on: February 08, 2006, 12:16:11 am »
mmm, awesome indeed! the only small crit i can come up with is, that the two unanimated ships (on the far left) looks a bit flat compared to the animated one (contrast ?!).
keep it comming

Pixel Art / Re: Cave Fang.
« on: January 25, 2006, 07:07:37 pm »
c&c ~

i like the head (espc. ears and mouth), but i really don't get what's going on the torso, looks a rushed? anyways, i'd like to see some more definition of the different parts.
the colors - you used far, far to many colors, you don't need that amount of colors, and it makes the sprite all blury. hope to see an update

Pixel Art / Re: tileset for portfolio 2nd update
« on: January 25, 2006, 12:31:35 am »
**update above

@ Darion, thx man, good to be back

@ Andy, Treesize - yea, they were supposed to be illustrative, but i see you point, i enlarged them as much as possible (w. one free pixel on the top and in the bottom so it won't look cluttered when i place em on a row. Tried fixing the initial prob. w. bigger trees - the tiling, by using both a small and a big one to tile w.)

@ Kazuya - thx, yay, flat tiles forever xD + the above notes on the trees

@ Faceless - about the safeness, gotta give u that, nothing very original here, i'm merely trying to show of the fact that i can tile, not to create new art. When i can tile in my sleep, might work on some less traditional stuff ^^. About the colors - it's fair enoguh that you hate 'em, if you could ellaborate on what parts you don't like however, i might be able to dew something about. I don't agree that it "very typical" color use, i know it's nothing revolutionary, but i'd like to think that it's not seen in every second game. The lifelessness, yea you could properbly call it a tad lifeless, properbly because of the low sat (witch helm also noted). In my experience, you have a choice between low sat smooth, easy on the eyes sort o' stuff, and a high sat more vivid stuff. This is based on pers. sole on pers. experience so plz correct me if im wrong. I like both high and low sat in different ways, but sometimes i have a tendency to go for the more de-sat, so ill try doing some highsat for mi next project. Glad you like the sprites.

@ Niss, Thank ya, you have a point trees, it would spice everything up a tad if the trees had a differemt hue. I tried changing it but had quite some trouble w. finding something i was satified with. I'm planning 2 more mockups screens and ill use some more foresttiling in them, hopefully that will make it easier to pick the right color

Thx for all the c&c, keep it comming ^^

Pixel Art / Re: tileset for portfolio
« on: January 22, 2006, 12:08:51 am »
update above

Updated image and added sprites. Tried detailing the water, added a.. uhmm patch of... different texture. If you guys like it i'll make a tileable set of it (but it's alot o' extra tiles so i wont go ahead and make 'em before i get some input). Also, threw in a couple o' sprites, c&c on them, appreciated as well!

@helm - thx, i think a reflection would look too blury since it would "colide" with the submerged parts of the stones. The ripple effect - tried, and yea, certainly a challenge- can't pull it off though, i've cant match the style of the other tiles D: (tried spicing up the water, the... easy way)

@Dhaos - thx, tessallates ? :D gave it a go at some underwater variation tiles, i'll keep the dithering for now, but if i make the full oceanfloor variation tileset, i'll properbly scrap it.

@crab - thank ya, might make desert/snow tilesets, dunno, might move on to a different genre like platforming or something, to display my skill(or lack of it) in that area... might just make a snowy landscape for that ^^

@taka - thx, the trees.... your right, i allready made like a 1000 tries to edit it, everytime i run into problems w. tiling. Either, they stay this size, or, ill have to make them much bigger in order for the tiling to work (correct me if im wrong), i chose to keep the small ones

Pixel Art / tileset for portfolio 2nd update
« on: January 21, 2006, 03:01:05 am »
I hope to get some freelance pixel gigs, and since im not too happy about the few cell games, that i've allready done, i thought I'd throw together some new stuff to put in a portf. I'd really like some input on what to put in a decent pixel portf. aand some c&c on the tileset i've done. Im gonna ad sprites and some gameplay stuff, but i'd like input on the tileset before i begin. C&c away.

*update x2

1. draft :

2. draft :

(added water variation tiles, added sprites)

NEW : /

(made trees bigger, added interface, rearanged mockup slightly)
- individual comments below

crazed panda / samurai / besearker

Pixel Art / Re: My king of spriter fighter!
« on: January 14, 2006, 04:52:47 pm »
 :o stunning!!

knitpicks: figther - the pitch black selout color seems a bit harsh, portrait - the left side of her hair, can't quite figure out whats going on

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