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Pixel Art / Project Grande [C&C greatly appreciated!!!]
« on: March 12, 2013, 07:05:47 pm »
Hey, my first time posting here.... I posted over at PJ but response there is kind of slow I guess... I'm creating a game right now, and I figured, what better way to improve the quality than to go here :) So I really want all your c&c, don't hold back. I want to this to look really good, and I wan't some ideas on how I should make certain tiles look, etc. So right now I'm working on getting enough to create mockups for a kickstarter, that includes samples from all 6 lands. The 6 lands are as follows: A grassy/light hills area, a darker forest, with japanese inspiration and a focus on lotus, a typical lava land, a red city with stone brick structures,a floating city of ruins, a typical ocean setting. I already have a small palette that goes along with these different lands, here it is: 
I really want some comments on it, and a suggestion on how many colors I should use. To give a rough estimate of the size of the game, it will have 81 large open and closed areas to explore, with rpg elements such as many items. I intend each land to have its own artistic and color feel, to make them more diverse and enjyable. Here is a sprite dump of all my tile assets I have completed so far, I am depending on all of you to tell me how to achieve my full potential on this!
Note: Some have some critical mistakes, I just don't know what to do about them. The tiles are 32x32, I included the character, and if you'll notice I included the original grass tile haha. I know, what a piece of crap XD

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