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Job offers / [PAID] Assets for an isometric RPG
« on: January 11, 2013, 08:46:45 pm »

   I am looking for a pixel artist for the following job for an upcoming isometric RPG Dungeon Plunder .  All in 48x48 size:

   - 3 characters (Mage, Rogue, Warrior) animations: 4 frames on 4 isometric directions + 1 still on each direction so 60 frames total.

   Terrain/Mobs - from scratch:
   - 36 isometric tiles of seamless terrain in 4 climates (Grassland, Desert, Volcanic and Tundra) with the following quality or better:

   - 10 isometric rock floors (dungeons, roads)
   - 4 dungeon entrances (1 different tinted 4 times)
   - 8 isometric ruins, rubbles, stuff like that that blocks passage
   - 16 piles of coins (4 different models tinted 4 times)
   - 16 chests (4 different models tinted 4 times)

   For the following I already have a decent 32x32 model that you will just have to upscale and detail better than they are so it's less work:
   - * 3 isometric water tiles
   - *10 isometric houses
   - * 12 isometric mountains / volcano tiles
   - * 66 isometric Dungeon/Castle Walls (22 different tinted 3 times)
   - * 6 isometric Stairs Up (2 orientation tinted 3 times)
   - * 18 isometric Arches/Dungeon Doors (3 different in 2 orientation each tinted 3 times)
   - * 84 creatures standing still.

   Since this is a fairly large job I require the artist to have Skype (text only) and be an active communicator through the process so I can provide directions live.  It must be done in less than a month so make sure you have the required time.  Contact me at with your quote for the requested job or if you have any question.

General Discussion / Re: I am looking for Joshua Astorian.
« on: January 11, 2013, 04:42:25 am »
THANK YOU. I was just about to offer him a large job! It's pretty much the same scenario rdellafave he came to me a bit needy last night, had a decent portfolio and good price.  I'm so glad I googled for his name and stumbled upon this thread. +10000 internets.

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