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Hello and welcome. Divergent Games is seeking a dedicated tile artist for its upcoming release Hiro Fodder: A Blue Hope. Created with the team's in-house engine, Hiro Fodder tells the story of a Blue Slime, the aptly named Hiro, and his quest for revenge against the oppressive Hero Party. The game was successfully funded by Kickstarter ( this past June and is in mid-to-late stage development. A mashup of tried and true RPG conventions of the mid-1990's and modern ideals, Hiro Fodder is both a love letter and a mockery of the games we grew up on.

About the Team

We currently consist of 6 team members:

Lead Game Designer/Project Manager
Story Writer
Lead Environmental/UI/Effects Artist
Character Artist

The team has been together for one year, with several of its members having worked together for three. We are a tight knit, communicative and capable group looking for that one elusive piece of the puzzle. We plan to release a gameplay demo to the public this week, but cannot proceed without the help of a professional, eager 2D tile artist.

We have released 5 games on the XBLIG service. Please ask if you require the names of the games.

Hiro Fodder will be released on PC and XBLIG, with mobile ports to be discussed upon release.

About the Game's Progress

Engine - 95% complete, but always evolving
In house scripting language - 90% complete, and again always evolving
Character Art - 70% complete
Environment Art - 70% complete
Front End Programming - 80% complete
Event Programming - Just begun but moving rapidly
Tile Art - That depends on you.

About You

You are a professional/enthusiastic amateur tile artist, and possess an intimate knowledge of tile sets and how they function. You are able to able to capture the lead designer's vision and are an independent worker. Ideally, you will have produced tile sets for at least one commercial release. You can adept to our nostalgic, yet non-pixelated, modern style. You possess a great deal of adaptability, and are able to produce tiles that sync with the other game art.

I must emphasize that we are not trying to make a FFIII or Chrono Trigger knockoff. Those games look the way they do because of the technological limitations of the time, and while they are awesome to behold, we want something that appears more like a texture than something pixelated.

If you have any intention of not finishing what you start, please do not apply. If you have less than 15-20 hours to dedicate to the team each week for the next 10-12 weeks, please do not apply. Skype is a must as we hold semi-regular meetings and conferences.


Payment is done on a tile set by tile set basis - meaning that once you finish a tile set, you get paid. You must sign a contract and NDA. Payments are negotiable but will follow this general guideline:

(Estimates are rough)
$100-$125 - small tile set
$150-$175 - medium tile set - between 25 and 49 unique tiles
$250-$300 - large tile sets - over 50 unique tiles.

A unique tile counts as one created from scratch - not an edge piece, not a color swap - you get the point.  And yes, I realize that it's not the highest paying job in the world, but that is what our budgetary restraints allow.

Also included is a 1% royalty on every copy sold. Given our successful Kickstarter campaign and publisher negotiations, this will be likely be more significant than it looks.

There are PLENTY of opportunities for future work on the team as we release smaller games on a regular basis. We're also a lot of fun to work with - well, at least we think so.


Thank you

Robert D.

General Discussion / Re: I am looking for Joshua Astorian.
« on: January 10, 2013, 11:12:53 pm »
I run a somewhat large independent game studio. Joshua approached me several times regarding, almost begging, for a position. He gave me the whole sob story about his kids not having pull-ups, like he has to many people here. I thought his portfolio was OK, but not earth shattering. I sent him a small amount of money in exchange for a few tiles. It was a trial for the position, but more than anything I just wanted him to stop blabbering.

Of course I never received the work. I blame myself for not Googling his name first. It was a nominal sum so no big deal. However, the fact that scum like this discredits good artists everywhere is incredibly annoying. I suggest we file a lawsuit against him. I have documentation and a track record of my conversation with him, as I'm sure many of you do. Although no one single person has been screwed out of a lot of money, collectively, it adds up.

Light a fire under this guy's @ss. I'd say he's done quite enough to deserve it. Please contact me if you'd like to pursue matters more aggressively.

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