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Unpaid Work / [Partially paid] Kingdom Hearts MMORPG Needs custom tiler
« on: January 06, 2013, 11:47:59 am »
PS: By partially paid we mean that instead of giving away cash we can currently only give away digital games for steam and ps+ as well as a playstation plus account.

 What is''RTD''
Road to Dawn is the official release of KH Forbidden memories, the kh mmo we've been waiting for featuring all of the worlds and elements from the kingdom hearts saga in a new player driven story.
To really understand the experience you'd have to play, but this video helps:
To download the game and join the community you can check the official forum out at

As i said in the video we are in great need of people who can do custom tiles for us (currently for the land of departure worlds and Mysterious tower from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep) All of the work will be  rewarded and eventually paid.
Thanks for your attention.

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