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2D & 3D / Re: What is wrong with this animation ?
« on: January 15, 2013, 02:56:15 pm »
lol yes about the arms
"chicken dance" so fun :P

after i posted that i thought there may be a problem with the shoulders too
i'm redrawing it

2D & 3D / What is wrong with this animation ?
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:13:52 pm »

I did this with a model, the skeleton is supposed to be a monster that's why he has long arms but this animation looks weird, no ?

I made one earlier which was better but I don't find the words to explain what i dislike here (i think it's decent though)

Can you tell me if there is something wrong or if i'm just looking for the small details (on a sketch -_-) ?

General Discussion / Re: Drawing from a 3D model (skeleton)
« on: January 11, 2013, 04:26:45 pm »


But I have no idea of what he is speaking, he may be targeting people who already know a lot about 3D

I thought more about a 3D viewer tool, i'm currently searching for this

General Discussion / Drawing from a 3D model (skeleton)
« on: January 10, 2013, 07:57:15 pm »

i know this technique is old, one of the game I like and which is very old used it, Legacy of Kain Blood Omen, they drew their characters based on a 3d model which could be viewed from every angles.
I need to draw exactly the same angle view than in this game (45° top down), I already drew some animations but more from a 20° lol if you know what i mean.

So do you know how should i proceed ?
Can i download free to use 3d model of a knight for example and observe it in a free program like google sketch or blender ?
(i have no idea of what i'm speaking)
Are there already pre-made sites/animations with this kind of thing to inspire ? i don't need details on the character, the minimum would be the skeleton !

For the moment I only need walking anim from 45° angle and sword attack/shield pary.

Thank you for the eventual help

General Discussion / Re: Netgore
« on: December 26, 2012, 06:47:47 pm »
very interesting, thank you,

i searched about this kind of engine and i only found one  (the one used for the game Nestalgia, i dont remember the name)
so you should try to make it more visible Spodi

2D & 3D / Re: Linocut
« on: December 15, 2012, 04:36:26 pm »
o_0 this way of making art looks like a pain but it's great

why using this ? do you find advantages over using a tablet for example ? cause those could be done with photoshop or smthg like that

is it easier for you ??

et aussi tu graves le dessin en entier et après tu le tamponne c'est ça ? ou tu fais des morceaux de dessin que tu assembles ? enfin tout doit être possible mais bon

2D & 3D / Re: Linocut
« on: December 14, 2012, 08:24:00 pm »
guys your works are awesome, seriously

even if i didn't understand a word on how you do that cause i didn't bother reading and many of the words employed i never heard of (i'm french)  I like these

2D & 3D / Re: Castle rooms sketches : i need your help
« on: December 11, 2012, 05:35:08 pm »
yes it's mystic quest ty ^^

2D & 3D / Re: Castle rooms sketches : i need your help
« on: December 09, 2012, 08:40:03 pm »

first, lol about lazy guys thats why nobody answered my other thread then :x
I didn't put in Img tags because the pics were too huge but okay I changed it and it doesn't show up for me neither in firefox nor in IE. (EDIT : i modified their sizes and now it works)

Second, thank you !! it helps me !
I found this image which could help me and the 2 with the little boy on the kickstarter page.
Maybe should i search for more but I think there aren't many ones around the internet for now.

About  Hack N slash from Double Fine forum, it looks interesting but I found only one picture and this is what i need.
About Orioto, i saw him on french TV 1 week ago lol i wrote his name down !! seriously what a coincidence ^^

So thank you Xhunterko, it's the kind of things I need, if something like that come into your mind, do not hesitate to say which thing I should check !

The kind of game i'm making is a mix between a reflexion game, a puzzle game and an action rpg game without the RPG xD (i mean it will feature some fights but few and it will require reflexion) and a funny game too.
Yes I got inspired a lot by zelda already because that's almost the only game I know except Blood Omen and something like "legend of mystic" or i don't know but it's famous and in the beginning the hero fights a big human tiger i guess.

I just can't "represent" what I want in my head, so I need to get inspired and experiment.

2D & 3D / Castle rooms sketches : i need your help
« on: December 08, 2012, 02:48:16 pm »

I'm trying to make my first game which will look like a 3/4 top down rpg, like Sunset Over Imdahl, Blood Omen, Zelda.

The game will take place in a castle, in its rooms. I only need few rooms ideas in theory (but the more the better). The problem is I really don't find any reference to help me, anything to inspire me, so I ask you there if someone could sketch or draw something really quick, just to get some rooms ideas (what could be inside, what kind of textures I don't know).

Else you could indicate me some reference pictures.
Else i'm gonna experiment shitty drawing till i get something good :p

I drew these as first draft

It's more like an abbey's garden because i don't think there were things like that in castles but I thought it would be easier. Maybe i should stick with indoor rooms which is more "realistic/convincing" although the plot will be totally absurd.

As you can see this is not really appealing... I don't have good ideas in mind, the perspective is weird lol. I drew this only to have an idea of what it'll look like.

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