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We found an artist for the first part of this project. If things move ahead with the client, we may still need artists, so feel free to keep sending portfolios if you would like.

Thanks to everyone that submitted. I'm deeply impressed with the quality of this community's work!

Take care,

UPDATE: We have sourced an artist for the initial part of this project. Thanks to all of the applicants for getting in touch! -A

Hello all!
I'm Adam Heathcott from Kamp Grizzly, a production company in Portland, Oregon.
I'm looking to find a pixel artist for a short-turnaround corporate project. The images will be used in a presentation deck. If the presentation goes well, there will hopefully be more work after that.

For this engagement: This week. ASAP, etc.
For the full project if it sells: between now and Black Friday. (It is not mandatory that you work on the full project).

What's needed:
    • A classic "start screen" featuring a 16-bit type portrait, some basic title typography, a couple of pixelated corporate logos, and a menu list.
    • A simple side-scrolling character design, void of any game background, based on an actual person (to be provided). This can be either 8-bit or 16-bit styled. The key here is that the character needs to be recognizable as the actual person. (They are a celebrity). Bonus: it'd be great if there were a few character motions: standing, jumping, throwing, etc.
    • A single "background" screen with the character from #2 in action, and a simple, multi-layered side-scrolling world with a few basic game sprites (power-ups…maybe an enemy…you may be able to re-use something you already have). (Style? Think: Castlevania NES) We will provide all direction for what the world needs to look like and what color schemes we need.

    We are in Portland, Oregon, but you don't have to be. Telephone is a must, though.

    We would love to get moving on this as soon as possible, and can send elements as guidelines once we connect.

    Due to the corporate nature, we will also need an NDA signed to proceed.
    We will probably need to go through 1 or 2 daily check-ins to check basic composition and content. We will be available over instant messaging, email, and phone throughout this period.

    I've got $500 to get this thing going. That's an all-in price for all three of the needs above. This price is potentially negotiable based on the quality of your portfolio, and our needs from a timing standpoint.

    Holler at me… adam [at] kampgrizzly [dot] com
    Please include links to your portfolio or site and any special call-outs to projects that you've done that relate to this type of work. If we like your stuff, we'll get back in touch pronto.


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