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Pixel Art / New concept art
« on: October 01, 2012, 07:03:13 pm »
I would like someone to critique

I was quite hesitant on giving away to much of my game design document but if it will help me get a better critique i guess its worth the risk. I will leave out most of the details but hopefully you will get the general idea/story of the game.
I am trying to make a platform game, the story involves all the jack tales into one. It starts with jack and jill they go to a wishing well. Jill makes a wish. Shit goes down Giant picks her up goes to castle. He makes minons candles which he sends after Jack. Jack then jumps over the candles in the game. Forest lvl.beanstalk lvl. castle lvl.
My game is directed towards a younger audience, I am trying to make my characters as cute as possible. I was trying to make my characters 16x16, just for a simple starter game. I am having trouble making sprite characters as you can see. I am quite a beginner at this. I am hoping for some examples anyone can give me to get on the right track. I was thinking on giving the main character jack a bucket for a helment to make him stand out more. But i am having a very hard time making the bucket, it just seems like a brown block on his head. I also was thinking on making jack more of a joker, or a clown with bells on his hands and feet. But the orginal story i have worked out involves the bucket.
Thank you so much for the people that have helped me get adjusted to the forums so far. I really appreciate it.


here is some concept art:
here the artist link if you like his work:

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