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Job offers / [Paid] Need artist to make tilesets (to start)
« on: September 16, 2012, 10:18:37 pm »
I am working on a 2D arpg dungeon crawler with some roguelike elements. I work fulltime as a developer, and I am doing this in my extra time as a hobby. My goal is to eventually have a commercial release sometime next year. I'm looking for an artist to work with that, to start with, can create some environment tilesets for me. I will own all of the assets, but you're welcome to put them in your resume/portfolio, and you will be listed in the credits.

This will be somewhat of an ongoing project, with me potentially asking for more assets created as the project goes on, so I would like there to be an option to contact you in the future for further work after the initial sets are done. I am not very great at describing in detail how I want the art, so you will have artistic freedom to create the assets in your style, but be willing to take my input as needed.

The initial work will be tilesets that will allow me to create areas with grass, dirt, snow, stone, trees, waterfalls, sand/beach, stairs/portals/doors, along with a few structures such as houses (including destroyed structures that you'll run across throughout the world such as a worn down/abandoned house), and possibly background layers. The viewpoint of these graphics will be topdown/overhead view (like Chrono Trigger, EarthBound, A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy, etc). I'll need the tilesets to be able to transition to others smoothly, which may or may not involve some shader work on my end.

The later sets of work will include things such as protagonist and monster sprite animations, UI components (skill/inventory menu, skill icons, item icons), and skill effects/particles.

I would like you to have access to skype, google voice, or some form of voip communication so we can discuss things as needed. If interested, please send me examples of tile sheets you have created. The rate will be negotiated somewhere between $12-25/hr depending on skill and experience.

Here are some sample screenshots of what I have using placeholder art:

basic path finding -
procedural map and using a skill -
killing monsters with a skill and loot -

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