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Job offers / [PAID] Top-down character - 100$
« on: August 11, 2012, 07:13:20 am »

Size is from 30x30 to 50x50, top-down, angle like here:

Character is gladiator in modern times using classic melee and modern weapons.
Human, male, proportioned, in costume of your choice(can be worned-out rags)

Animations for top-down character in layers:


non animated frame for standing.


head facing straight sprite


body facing straight sprite


swinging hands (when running),
frame for hands placed still on the side of the body
animation for shooting with gun in hand
animation for punch melee attack
animation gun from hip to hands pointing forward sprite

Budget is 100$
This is for beta-test, whole character has lot of different animations and weapons.

contact me at

Job offers / [PAID] Top-down character animation
« on: July 23, 2012, 04:56:51 am »
Hi guys, my team is working on the game right now and we're looking for gfx artist.

Its a birds-eye view, top down, massive multiplayer slaughterhouse game. - this is only to show viewing angle.

There is one type of character which must have a bunch of animations.

Character is male, dressed in smth like worn fallout costume, short sleeved.

Its not necessary to have it realistically proportioned but it must look brutal.

Size - from 30x30 to 50x50.

Character can:
Shoot(single, both hands), melee attack(bite, choke, sword, barehand), set mines, get killed several ways(fatalities), needle himself, interact with map(open door, pick up item), sit down and crouch.

We're ready to pay by your pricelist(payments can be done via elance escrow) or discuss a partnership.

This is a commercial product and i can't release all game details right now, because the game concept is unique, full game specs will be revealed in private.

If you're good with gore, blood and style - you're very welcomed to join the team!

So what i need from you is an example of what can you do in this particular area, it can be a single frame or animation, post it here or send me an email at dabadedaba(at)

Thanks for reading!

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