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Job offers / Re: [Paid] Tilesets needed for Adventure RPG!
« on: July 21, 2012, 03:18:04 am »
At this point, I've found an artist to work with going forward.
Thank you all for your interest and your time!

Job offers / [Paid] Tilesets needed for Adventure RPG!
« on: July 13, 2012, 06:06:19 pm »
1. Individual representing and offering employment.
A little bit about me: My name is Ben, and Iím an (solo) independent game developer.  My project is part time, as I have a full time job (and a family!), though I make progress on it nearly every day.

2. Project Title
The title of my project is Clash of Cards.

3. Description of project
I have been creating my game for about 11 months now from scratch in Java using LibGDX.  It currently is able to be deployed to PC (as a stand-alone app), Android phones/tablets, and to the web as an applet.
The project itself can be best described as a Card Based Adventure-RPG set in a somewhat classic medieval fantasy setting (mostly human, though creatures such as Gryphons exist).  The player will adventure through a story, meeting and defeating various characters and creatures.  The card system is explained as such: In this world honor is tantamount. If you defeat an opponent and they are honorable, you obtain their Ďcardí (like a business card). The card battle is therefore explained as calling upon your honor-bound allies and friends to help you.  Cards will also be obtained through many avenues, in-world minigames, special events, or simply hidden throughout the world.  The art style is pixelart, and heavy inspiration has been taken from the classic Neo Geo Pocket game, Card Fighters (for the card art) and various RPGs for tile art, such as Secret of Mana 3.

4. Position & Job Requirements
At this stage of development,  Iím looking for 2 or perhaps 3 tilesets. I donít even want to think about card art quite yet (I donít have all the cards fleshed out yet, and Itís going to be expensive!), though I will certainly pass on my specs if requested.
As for the tilesets, this is what Iím looking for: 

Forest Tileset: The forest surrounding my capital city of Amn Isile is a thick deciduous forest.  Because Amn Isile is founded near the sea, it could be considered a deciduous rain forest: Think mossy logs, rain often, overcast, that sort of thing.

I have created a VERY rough tileset of grass/dirt/cliff which you can use as a reference here: 
Some of the stuff Iíve seen from the RPG Maker community is also great. Here is a good example:

City Tileset: The other tileset I need is of the city of Amn Isile itself.  Some background about the area is that itís the only place in this world where magic is allowed to be practiced. Sort of like a Las Vegas of magic.  The building tiles should be of a tudor style, also with strong use of stonework(walls, pavers), and perhaps elements of magic (glowball street lamps? That sort of thing). I have not mocked up my own placeholder tileset for the city, so I will only have references from other art:
Though these aren't exactly in a city, you get the gist of it.

Technical details:
Tiles should preferably be 32x32 px, ĺ top-down orthographic perspective.  My engine can handle other sizes, but it needs to be consistent.  Larger objects, such as trees, lights, etc do not have to be tiled(if you prefer), and can be any size/dimensions as they are essentially non-moving actors Ė I call them doodads.  Tiles and doodads can also be animated with any number of frames.

5. Payment
I have the utmost respect for game Artists, and Musicians.  While I am not rich and am funding this project entirely from my full time job, artists need to be compensated accordingly.  The sticky post says the average rate is somewhere between $15 to $30 /hr based on ability, and I have no issue with this.  The caveat of course is that Iím not sure how long these tilesets would take to produce, though I realize quality takes time.
Iím not looking specifically for a rev-share or anything like that.  Perhaps part upfront, and part at completion, or a milestone kind of thing Ė Iím open to negotiation.

6. Contact Information
Please contact me at  If possible, please attach some sample work, or link to a portfolio with art you believe is relevant. 

I hope this wasnít too long winded, but I care a lot about the project.  Thanks for reading!

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