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Job offers / [paid][filled] Eboy city style t-shirt design
« on: June 05, 2012, 05:02:50 am »
Hi there ... I have a t-shirt I need designed.

I have a rough wireframe of the elements that need to be included ...
This will be a lot less complicated than a real Eboy design - around 6 buildings in the design.

The thing to bear in mind here of course is that since this is a t-shirt you need to be able to work within a limited colour palette.
We don't want to print it as CMYK as that always comes out kind of nasty, but we'd like to stick to a maximum of around 5 - 6 colours.

Please let me know if this is up your alley and we can discuss rates!


Thanks to all who got in touch, the job is now filled

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