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Looking For
Pixel Artist/Animator to make NES-style characters for future updates of a released Steam Game, QUICKDRAW

Our Talent
  • Game Designer/Technical Artist
  • Programmer
  • Composer/Sound Designer
  • Networking Engineer

QUICKDRAW, our company's first published title. We're looking to expand our team as we create future updates throughout 2022.

Here's the Steam page for QUICKDRAW

Project Synopsis
QUICKDRAW is a fast-paced, easy to pick up western shootout that'll have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the perfect moment to draw fire, dodge a bullet, or catch your opponent when they least expect! The only catch - your controls are randomly generated! Only the quickest thinking outlaw will prevail in this RPS-style retro experience!

Length of Project
We've been working continuously for a few months and plan to finish support for this title at the end of 2022.

Split %
Our team does an even split between all members. We'd have 5 members when you join so your split would be 20%.

Contact Method
Please DM me for further information.

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