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Job offers / [Paid] Looking for main character sprite sheet
« on: January 08, 2022, 01:54:51 am »
Company title and/or individual representing and offering employment
Project title
Untitled platformer game

Description of company or project
A 2d platformer with a focus on action and light physics based puzzles

Talent/Position requirements
Looking for a pixel artist to create a sprite sheet for our main character.

Please post references or links to your work.

We are looking for these sprite animations in a snes/genesis pixel art style (no more than 9 frame per animtion):
  • Idle
  • Horizontal movement
  • jumping up
  • falling down
  • spraying cats
  • holding cat
  • throwing cat
  • Wall Jump
  • Taking Damage
  • Death Animation

Willing to negotiate on a per sprite basis or hour.
Contact information
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Post discord ID and I'll add you.

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