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Pixel Art / Re: Not quite zombie yet...
« on: April 07, 2006, 03:01:04 pm »
I actually like the sketchy version better.  It has better energy to it.  Like you can actually see the chaos and anguish the zombie is screeming.

Go with the rough version, that's my opinion.

Dang!  I dropped to 4th.  Ah well, I know mine was rushed and I wasn't very happy with it to be truthful.  But hey!  Congrats to the winners!  The streets are indeed very well done.  It was a good show by everyone I think. ^_^

Congrats again ^_^

I've noticed that we're just using the default faces like  :) and   :-\

What we should have is some pixel based faces.

Right ???

General Discussion / Re: Favorite Non-pixel Art
« on: March 17, 2006, 05:16:42 pm »
I very much enjoy Niklas Jansson from Itch Studios


Okay, I'm sorry if I'm mean but I do feel this contest has had the fun sucked out of it.  Baccaman21, I'm sure your intentions are good and all your tips are valid but I believe there's no need to be this anal.  It's not your contest.  I can't speak for Adam but if he saw issues with what people where posting then he'd probably would have brought them up.  It's a contest, it's supposed to be fun and not everyone here works in the game industry.

Now in case people are wondering what it is this is all about I've set up a run down as to how create this proper GBA pallet set up.

This is my submission with proper pallet set up and this is what it's pallet looks like.

This image now uses a pallet table of 5 rows.  Each row has been set up to represent each tile/pallet group that I've made in my original submission.

How I got to that point is like this (there might be an easier way but this is how I did it).  I converted my tile/pallet groups in to 5 monochrome groups.  Then I rebuilt the street image with these new funky coloured tiles.

I then created a new image file and made a forced pallet to fit what I would need.  Creating a force pallet is easy if you know how.  For those that don't know (and not everyone does) here's how I did it.  In Photoshop (that's what I used anyway) you go to Image>Mode>Indexed Colourr.  In the window that pops up you go to the Forced drop down and select Custom.  This will open your Colour Table. 

At this point I went and systematically picked each colour from the funky coloured squares under the word pallet 1, 2, 3, etc... from my funky coloured street image until I filled a whole row (with my transparent colour in front).  I did this for each row.

Then I dragged the funky street in to this new image with the forced funky pallet and went back in to the colour table and changed each colour back to it's proper hue.  The result is that my tiles are now grouped in to pallet rows of colour.  And like what Baccaman21 said there is not difference visually to the image unless you look at it's colour table.

Total time to convert to this "proper GBA" pallet system... 35 min.

Now again I can't speak for Adam seeing as it's his contest and not mine, but I'm pretty sure that he'd didn't intend anyone to go this far with their submission.  I know I wouldn't have.  I didn't have plans to do all this but I didn't want people to feel like they where being left out and such because they might not now how to do everything that Baccaman21 was talking about.  So I helped, at least I hope I helped.  I"m sorry if I've only made things more confusing.

Adam, I also apologize to you if I've stepped on your toes and/or brought the contest down.  That wasn't my intention to do so.  If it gets me booted from the contest then I accept that.

Thank you.

I've got mine done.  I tried to capture the feel of looking down the street like in the example.  I'm pretty happy with it ^_^  I grouped all my 40 tiles on the left and made sure each tile had only 15 colours.  Then, just because I'm anal, I grouped the tiles that used a specific pallet together so it'd be easier to see what I've done.  Five pallets in total.  I must say the I cranked though my 40 tiles super fast and had to go back and optamize a lot before the final result.

I think I got all this right.

If I had to pick wich ones like the best I'd say that Schu and Vedsten are tops.

Good work everyone. ^_^

Pixel Art / Re: PixelArt Sucks!
« on: March 02, 2006, 05:27:40 pm »
My wife LOVES funky socks!  This would be the best gift idea ever!  I want in too, how do I go about getting her some custom image socks.  How much?  I must know!

Hey, way to go faceless, and to the others who entered.  Good show by all I think.

Ha ha, looks like I took third again.  Or is that a tie for second?  Oh well, I'll close that gap one day ^_^

Congrats again!

Well, I'm really glad this got extended.  Phew...

Okay, I'm in too.  Here's my Popeye and my Pokteye... hee hee hee. ^_^

Here's Pokteye on a background.

On a side note, I loved Boktai!  That game is excelent and the art is fantastic too.  I give it two thumbs up!   b ^_^ d

General Discussion / Re: King of Spriters 2006 - Project of the Millennium!
« on: February 09, 2006, 05:47:58 pm »
I'm finally done mine.  He's here plus in his own thread in the art area.  I wasn't sure where to put him once he was done.

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