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Pixel Art / Hase's Stuff redux thread (image heavy)
« on: November 14, 2005, 07:15:34 pm »
Well, here it is. In no particular order, this is a lot of the old stuff. Unfortunately I havenīt had much (if any) time to pixel anything over the last year or so, so nothing here is new.

A lot of stuff Iīm rather unhappy with from a current perspective, but I guess thatīs normal...

here goes:

These were made for two different zombie-shooter games, one of which was finished in 2004 (shockwave), the other of which is pretty much dormant due to all of the participants having jobs, lives and whatnot. Iīd really like to get back to it some day and finish it (it was near-alpha, sprites were moving, all the hardware accelerated stuff was working, there was a model assembler for sprites with multiple segments and joints, even a quasi-IK animation editor), but thatīs not going to happen before spring next year, if ever.

Player characters:

walk cycle and liftoff (butterfly wings were going to be done in 3d)

walk cycle mockup (the final was to consist of a bunch of different segments)

weapon sortiment (there are hands&reload animations for this somewhere ... )

a few zombies:

mockup of the first boss:

some even older stuff (for the shockwave game):



this is some random stuff, sketches etc. in no particular order:

i remember this one caused quite a stir..

and lighter sword version

something i played with but messed up in the end:

Since then I havenīt really pixelled anything, although I did manage to do a quick sketch now and then. Itīs probably not pixel art by most of your standards, but here goes anyway:

well, thatīs it for now...

I know itīs stale art, but still C&C always appreciated.

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