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« on: August 17, 2018, 11:22:35 pm »
Animating under those restrictions is probably not going to be the best way to learn since it forces you to disobey a lot of fundamental animation concepts. If this animation must be made like that then there isn't a huge amount you can do, just make sure your swing poses are really solid, try having him shrug his shoulders and lift his hands a bit to add some extra oomph.

Arcs refer to the idea that objects in motion follow a path, and that path is often an arc. This can be for various reasons, on a human it tends to be because our anatomy is essentially a series of levers, and when you rotate one end of a lever the other end traces out an arc. In nature it is caused by things like gravity and air resistance which erode the trajectory of an object, causing it to move in a smooth arc.

So when we start animating often we will draw out (either in our mind or on the paper) a path which different parts of the character/ object will take. And then we decide where along that path to put the object on each frame, where you put it on each frame is called spacing, and this changes what kind of energy an object appears to be moving with, i.e. whether it's speeding up or slowing down.

Pixel Art / Re: Light Elemental Boss
« on: August 17, 2018, 11:11:30 pm »
Haven't had a chance to go into this all the way yet but I wanted to give a quick update and respond to the feedback  ;D

Decided to go back and look more heavily at the pose and see how that would inform the design of the suit. I think having the upper arms detached from her actual arms is going to be a lot easier to manage in the end, so she won't have a conflict between short upper arms and long/thick forearms. I want her to have a bit of a kickboxer type thing going on so I've started going that direction with the stance. The lower arms are meant to be primarily for defence, I'm somewhat concerned that they're going to make the pose less dynamic. My initial plan was to have them crossed over the body like a shield so I may explore that a bit more in the future.

pistachio: Thank you so much for the edit! It looks amazing and has given me heaps of inspiration for how to do the rendering. I like the way you made the non glowing parts very dark, I think that's the right move, it gives a sense that she's so bright it changes the exposure level at which you see her. I also love the push toward spikeyness, her hair looks great! I really just threw the hairstyle together so I will take a closer look at that as well. And having all four spikes really visible is a really obvious thing I should have been doing, considering the player will need that information.

Rydin: Thank you ;D Having her glow onto the armour was also my first thought but I came up against the same issue that it was kind of hard to read and difficult to animate. I'm definitely going to push harder for the stone look when I get to that stage again and I will see if there's some way I can incorporate the lighting onto the suit, I'm thinking maybe harsh rim lights. I might lean on the fact that I have a dark background and not be so precious about the idea of having outlines.

« on: August 17, 2018, 09:26:31 am »
Is there a reason you are sticking to so few frames? It won't take a tremendous amount of extra time to make a few more frames and you can get a wealth of extra character from it.

It definitely comes off with the attitude you intend which is an excellent start for so few frames. My suggestion is that rather than using the standing frame as an in between try using 4 unique frames. Make it clear that when the feet are swinging past each other one of them is in the air and one of them is on the ground.

I assume the finish is very preliminary at the moment but make sure you go in and make subtle changes to things like the angle of the chest and belt, as well as adding some movement to the hair.

This is a great start! If you have any more specific issues you'd like some help with please go ahead and ask. All I can say for now is keep pushing it  ;D

Pixel Art / Re: Light Elemental Boss
« on: August 13, 2018, 09:14:00 am »
Not a good sign that you're finding it so hard to read. I can definitely see how it's difficult to pick up on first glance. Definitely hoping animation will assist me to a degree but I don't want to rely on it. Essentially the idea is that it is a woman made of light, suspended in a type of mech suit. Her arms go into the front arms of the mech, while the rear arms are attached on her back. Unfortunately don't have any art of this exact design other than this as I tweaked it a bit to fit everything into the pixels but here is a bit of progress and a shot without the mech suit that might help to see what's supposed to be going on.

Pixel Art / Light Elemental Boss
« on: August 13, 2018, 08:01:53 am »

This is a boss for the project I've been working on. It was difficult to get it to appear that she is glowing in the limits of the style, which is mostly concerned with being easy to animate. Especially the way in which she lights the non glowing aspects of the design has given me trouble. The large grey pieces of armour I wanted to look like stone but I wasn't able to come up with a satisfying way to render them. It is intended to be shown on a fairly dark background, mid tones and darker. The effect on her back is meant to look like a glowing beam of light. As she fights these beams would solidify into metal spikes which she would then throw as part of the battle design.

Any thoughts are welcome! I may not be able to implement all critiques on style for this character as there is existing art to match but any comments about how I can improve are appreciated  ;D

Edit: It occurs to me that the second set of arms may be difficult to read. I should definitely come up with a better idle pose for her. That's what those lower dark orange parts are if anyone can't tell.

Pixel Art / Re: Here goes a little robot guy
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:56:32 am »

A simple trick for drawing cubes (or any shape, really, once you wrap your head around it) from arbitrary angles, is to draw the object from the angle which has the axis of rotation (imagine you're twisting the object on a stick, whatever direction the stick is pointing is the angle you should draw) and just use the rotate tool to put it on the correct angle, and then you can project the lines across and voila you know where important landmarks are. This is especially useful in animation!

General Discussion / Re: Community updates
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:27:42 am »
I'm very glad to hear the discussion in here. I'm not sure what happened in the chats recently, I was somewhat active on slack early on but I felt that it was not pixelation. It was just a way to chat with other community members, which I think we have plenty of options for. That doesn't need to be pixelation or tied directly to it.

I don't have many thoughts about a new format, my main concern from the chat format and twitter is losing self contained threads. Hopefully mastadon is better for that than twitter but I think the beauty of the forum is to have a special self contained discussion that's just about your piece of art and people helping you with it. I think that is a powerful thing that makes people want to participate in this community.

I really appreciated the art and critique focussed nature of the forum, I never needed to know anyone personally in order to feel welcome enough to ask for help. Whereas I would feel less comfortable in a more socially focussed environment. I really feel that divorcing pixelation from the idea of any kind of general chat is important. We have twitter and discord for that now. I also felt that the relaxing of the no one liners rule was eating away a bit at the community, maybe that's just me though.

Like most of us I've been swamped with work and life of late so it's been difficult to find time for the posting on the forum but I'm going to do my best to follow Helm's lead on that and get involved again. I think in addition to helping new users maybe the more experienced artists should commit to posting personal work here for critique too. I know most of us probably feel that asking for critique would slow us down these days (thanks very much to learning how to have a critical eye from pixelation!) but one of the big draws for me was seeing that amazing artwork, the process of how it was created, and how being critical is valuable for artists at every level.

I'd also just like to echo Helm in saying I appreciate eishiya's continued commitment to providing quality critiques :-*

I think having the wall of the tile change brightness is not looking so good. I would consider just having the top surface of the object change brightness depending on height. At the very least you'll want to aim for a smoother gradient, the striation is making it look like the back walls for example are stairs.

I would be looking very hard at shadows and different angles to cast them at. I think having them be slightly diagonal rather than directly below and object will help a lot, so walls and other grounded objects can still indicate how tall they are. The main thing is going to be level design though, if you don't get to complicated about your level layouts I don't foresee there being too many issues, if you're trying to get full 3d gameplay just make a 3d game.

Pixel Art / Re: Orphaned assets dump
« on: March 20, 2018, 01:05:40 am »
These are absolutely gorgeous, the character design and colours  :'(

General Discussion / Re: Music when working
« on: December 04, 2017, 12:45:59 am »
I agree with Cyangmou on this. Same goes for listening to podcasts or watching streams or anything like that. You want to stay pretty aware of the different phases of development you're in or you can easily get caught wondering why you can't figure a problem out (you're probably distracted) or why you're bored and you can't stay on task (this is when you bring in the audio)

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