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The position has been filled, thank you for your applications

Hey!  :)

This is a full time paid position at the Swedish game studio Beartwigs, see more info about us at

We're looking for a lead pixel artist for a roleplaying adventure game with a Link to the Past/Stardew Valley-ish top-down pixelart style. This person is someone who has worked at least a few years with pixel art (professionally or as a hobby) and is driven in having a leading role over the artstyle of a game. You will be working in a team of 5 and regularly communicate with the lead designer to bring the game’s visual elements to life.

  • Good routines and self motivation
  • Possibility to work remotely
  • Active communicator
  • Knowledge about technical game concepts (e.g. framerate, particles, lighting)
  • Experience of working in a team

Bonus if you have experience in the following:
  • Game development process
  • Git
  • Tiled
  • Visual Effects
  • Concept art
  • A game engine, (Unity, Unreal, etc…)

Reach me preferably through

//Sam at Beartwigs

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