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Archived Activities / Re: Pixelator: Final (ENTRIES)
« on: April 18, 2007, 03:49:58 am »
Snake's is incredible! Woah. That would be such a strange game. Mirre's looks great too, but the unfinished thing. The sprites are super cute.

 I don't think Snake's is *that* unreadable.. If it was a game and everything was parallax scrolled it'd be much clearer.. I don't know if "but if it was a game-" is taken into consideration though.

Congrats everyone, including the people who didn't get this far.. I wasn't around to say anything earlier. The character design bits were super interesting.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Zombie Walk (little update)
« on: April 17, 2007, 11:49:09 pm »
TY for the honest crit. Though I disagree with part of it. (uhoh!)

I'm learning a lot, and if it wasn't for the tweaky fix approach I don't think I'd be getting as far. The crit on small elements is getting me to notice things I hadn't before, and Fool's edit made me realise some things I can improve easily. I don't like the pillowshading, but I can, and will improve that.. You guys have much better trained eyes for this stuff than me. (for example the contrast thing really hadn't occured to me until you just mentioned it.)

Saying that - I've probably been posting updates too frequently.  :-[

I have a lot of other zombies and monsters to draw, so if I can do a lot of learning on one or two of them (even if they potentially look duff in the process) it's going to save me having to throw out loads of them once I'm better at this. At this stage, my "new amazing next edition Mk.2 zombie" could  be just as bad, because.. I suck a bit. I'd likely have to tweak him lots too.

The question was "is this improving?" not.. "is this worthwhile?".. I don't want to give up on him yet, but I can certainly post less about him. I know he's not perfect, but I can't do that yet. And though it'd be bold to just ditch and do it all again, I think It'd also be a waste, considering he's the best little zombie I've made, hehe. I might well discard him once I've improved.

I think: is a marked improvement anyway. (no more dither, more colours) And pfft, I'm proud of him sofar. No darling killing! *strokes zombie*

PS: I totally see what you're getting at though, and see how you're trying to help, I'm just not ready yet.


So as to not double post, here's a near final edit.. Just tiny tweaks left now. (fingers etc)

Thanks everyone.. I'd not have done a lot of the stuff without your suggestions/edit... I think i've done an okay job against the contrast and pillowing, and given it more of a consistent (above) lightsource.. It's still wonky, but it's been good experience. Hopefully he ready better now too. I think I've got him as good as I can, anyway.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Zombie Walk (little update)
« on: April 17, 2007, 08:34:03 pm »
Wow that's great, thanks for the edit, that's really helpful.. :D Lighting-wise particularly.. I'll make his torso shorter definitely, that'll be an easy edit at least.. Also moving his head backward a bit seems a good idea!

The detail and realism are a bit much for me.. I mean it definitely looks a lot better but it doesn't fit the tone of the game world.. I'm gonna try learn as much from it as I can but I dont know if I'll be able to ween myself off the pillowing entirely, lol. It seems to be about having the confidence to use lighter shades around the edges of forms.. I love how you've done the creases in the fabric too. Grraah.. I have a looong way to go. XD

If I get further into making the game then I'm going to need to draw tonnes of zombie variants, so this is a really helpful learning experience. Ty Fool. The lack of dithering on yours looks niiiice too.. So yeah. I've got a lot to experiment with!

Here's a tiny edit where I shuffled his head back fractionally and made his torso 4px shorter.. - his head deforms a bit in some frames and I have loads of stuff to fix/clean up still. Might add ears.. the ears on your one look really good Fool. :) Hmm I'll probably be working on this guy all night again.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Zombie Walk (little update)
« on: April 17, 2007, 04:32:53 am »

Do the new shadows look like a complete afterthought and detract from the image? I tried to add some texture to the big spaces, hopefully decreasing the pillows.. I think I've made his animate a little smoother.. Does it look any more/less like a walk now though?

Here's a page i made of his various stages sofar..

Actually I'm not so bothered about the animation as I am the look of him. Try to ignore the moonwalk :lol: It looks better in game than it does just stood still!

*Gah just noticed a really obvious flash in one frame of the back of the collar.

Pixel Art / Re: pretty big piece, refining gets annoying.[UPDATE]
« on: April 17, 2007, 02:56:49 am »
I preferred the old head too.. It seems like is should get darker the further it gets from us though? Otherwise the lighting makes the head look like it's turned round more than it actually is..?

This  looks like a really hard pose and I have no idea if I'm talking nonsense.  :) - But if you were to remove the neck and top of the shoulders completely, I think the head looks like it's closer to us than the body.. And I can't put my finger on why exactly. The slightly obstructed bottom-of-head thing helped fix that I think.

I can't get over how nicely the muscles are done though.

Pixel Art / Re: Zombie Walk
« on: April 16, 2007, 05:05:22 pm »
Well, at least MJ+Zombies isn't totally unprecedented, hehe.

Sharm: I'll try experimenting with less dither.. Thanks for pointing out the leg length thing too, I'd imagined his legs going quite far up his shirt, but in retrospect it doesn't look so much like that!

Jad: ty.. I dont know if i should fix that or not.. I'll try and see what it looks like. I'd 'seen' him being tense and rotating his arms with his body.. I don't know if i can pull it off though..

Like Fool: said, it does look more like a moonwalk, hehe. Yeah I have a big pillowing problem. I'm finding it hard to unlearn. I'll resize his head a bit along the way and and try moving up the knees!

TY all, that's exactly what I needed. :) Might be a bit before I can post an update, hopefully soon though.

.. Here's the first little edit:

- I moved his knees up 2 pixels and got rid of what looked like his ass, so hopefully his legs seem longer now. I've also started resizing his head.. Thanks for that Fool! I still have to sort out the pillowy stuff.. And yeah he still moonwalks.. I'm really not sure about a light source.. i should probably have lit him from above.

Completely OT, but Fool, your avatar reminds me of Black lamp.. :)

Pixel Art / Re: Pixel's that need cc
« on: April 16, 2007, 01:17:06 am »
It definitely looks like a zombie bunny to me, I love it..

The eyes look very pinky rather than reddish here, but it could be the colours surrounding it offsetting them.. they look kind of swollen pustule-ish.. (is that bad for a zombie bunny eyes? possibly not)

I'm not sure i understand the angle at the bottom of it's body? Would the legs be like little teddy-bear type things? It looks a bit plushy-like now and that could be cute.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Zombie Walk (probably done)
« on: April 16, 2007, 12:52:38 am »
It's my first time posting sprites here. :) I guess this is a WIP.. every time I think I'm done I spot more mistakes at least..

Zombies are integral to a game demo I'm working on, and I just redid some 'bog zombie' sprites I'd been sitting on for a while. Wanted to ask for C&C and see if people like them..

Ed: Original / First edit / maybe final edit.

I think I still have some work to do, one frame his leg jerks back (too?) fast, but I convinced myself it was the judderiness of undeath - does it look really bad? What other things have I missed? I know the head is massive too, that's a stylistic choice.

I've used a lot of v boring dithering, but i think it might add to the texture and make him look sort of grotty? In a good way..?

Here he is doing a more head-on pose..

- I should probably make him breath or something.. Or sway back and forth..

I started redoing the zombie right after finding Pixologic and reading a lot of the crit here.. Before I 'redid' this zombie, the sprite I was "happy" with before looked like: ... He was way too short compared to the player.. And too cute! And pretty terrible.

You guys blow me away btw, some of the art here is insane.. I doubt I'll ever be that level, but I'm certainly going to try to improve!

General Discussion / Re: A newbie has arrived!
« on: April 14, 2007, 10:58:26 pm »
That seems like a really good attitude, and I'm coming from a similar place.. (apart from I'm not a 'kid' anymore, though in pixel art terms I feel like one compared to most the people here, heh) I wish I'd been humble enough to have a similar outlook years ago.

DA and Elfwood very rarely get me good crit either.. It's all just pointless comments or ass-kissing. Neither of which are helpful at all..

And that doesn't strike me as a horrible sprite.. The hair looks v pillowy, so could probably do with definition, but the rest seems nice and v cute! (feels awkward critting anything as a new member, too!)

General Discussion / Re: Introductions
« on: April 14, 2007, 10:07:10 am »
I'm new! I'm Michael Dawes.. 27, doing a degree in Games Design in Leeds, England.. Been spriting (badly) since umm.. 1990ish, then using DPaint - making lame games in AMOS/STOS.

Interests: Games (Guilty Gear, Guitar hero, Silent Hill, Turrican, RE4, Soul Calibur, Castlevania series), 3d modelling, painting, posing/dressing up, Oekaki.
Pets: 3 cats and 3 rats.
Music: (eclectic). Fields Of The Nephilim, Artrosis, Pearl Jam, Children Of Bodom, Guns n' Roses, Nobuo Uematsu, Akira Yamaoka, ManOwaR.. (mmm cheese) etc.

Only found the board a few days ago (someone linked to it from an - Came here as I'm always working on game stuff and have been meaning to improve my pixel-art forever, but didn't  know there were places like this! After reading peoples crits I've already learned a lot, I think! So I thought I should join in properly.

Helm.. I envy your hair.. Mine was that long but I cut it off.. (twice!) :( Pre hair cull (with comedy sword!).. vs Recently.. But it'll grow back!

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