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Baby steps, setting a standard makes a lot of sense, Iíve done the same. Has the protagonist a (double) split personality disorder? It seems like you could do with narrowing down your scenario still, simpler the better imo; it does help focus/prioritise stuff, but Iím not gonna stray too far out my GFX dept. comfort zone.

The titles are a blank slate atm; they donít really say anything about what kind of game it is, no scene, story conceit or logo iconography (are the sky/clouds story relevant?) I couldnít say modern or medieval. I was actually stuck sketching Ďcos I donít know either, and seem to have gone full Wind Waker :lol:, but you could maybe work some threes in there and go bigger and bolder, itís a bit hard to read currently.

Couple of the regular Zelda issues: pots & resins look more in profile, blocks and carpet moon design pure top-down; could be squished a bit vertically to suit, the upper surface of the block pushed to the top edge. Should be interesting to see some of the tasty sounding filter stuff in action.

Musics: Nice job on the emulation then! I seem to remember LttP was more standard MIDI-tastic in places, not sure actually though, Iíll have to go have a listen.

2D & 3D / Re: Idyllic icons
« on: January 15, 2014, 12:45:51 am »
No problem ;D

That's a lot slicker, better contrast, text is more elegant (and legible) are the colours headed completely abstract? I think that, or some aggressive stylisation is sensible. Never that fond of bevels, either. Old demoscene logos might be a nice, (and philosophically aligned) reference pool for FX while scaling up.

OT, I wouldn't have guessed sun in the first iteration 'cos it seems perpendicular to the lightsource, and to have a shadow.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Erde mock-ups [Updated Portrait]
« on: January 15, 2014, 12:11:27 am »
Yeah, left one fo' sure, just enough texture. Super picky now but I actually miss the darkest shade; maybe a touch on point of contact between materials?

I think I prefer the olive scheme, anything too bright is going to make outlines a bit harsh up against the AA/sel-out, it's a nice rich colour anyway. 

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Castle of the Winds
« on: January 14, 2014, 11:10:39 pm »
Thanks! I hadn't tried that halftone combo and I rather like it; a similar one is used for the ogre and I’m planning to keep that, I was thinking the dither might be too textural for regular skin (tendency to swallow fine detail), but great for coarser stuff, I'll have a play with that that one. There’s a whole variety of humanoids to go at, with every shade of skin as can be wrung out of the palette so I will try everything somewhere! the cyan/blue is pencilled in for a frost giant ;D.

Hey, I was just looking at your EGA mockup from a while back for odd colour/texture reference.

Would’ve loved to have seen your full revamp! I’ve had a go at some of the sprites a few times previously. For reasons that now escape me I decided to force a toon look, AA the crap out of everything, and give some of the tiles outrageously contrasty patterns. Most sprites are basically mirrored buff chests, that's how you kick it oldschool I guess. Some less awful ones:

Ah sorry, I think redundant colours are me not taking the time to use an index on composite sheets; gif compression I guess, I’ve been doing these in PS on the fly but I might have to break out Graphics Gale. (It's this one)

I know what you mean (on constrast), The yellow is way bright to pair on white (least it’s not magenta :lol:). I would have to rework stuff ground up with outlines in mind to get the most out of them, but to me those examples do lose subtlety, get a bit cramped in places and it's a trade-off I'm reluctant to make. I’m considering adjusting the palette as a whole for these kinds of issues; a kinda ‘fuzzy old CRT monitor edition’ which might make everything play together a bit nicer.

I redid the rat in line with the other couple of animals ‘cos he was looking a bit feeble, I’m realising just how much the two frames can be pushed without tweening; more exaggerated stuff actually works better, feels more complete statement than sluggish half measure. Also tweaked the goblin but might be getting worse, probably time I move on. I feel like I'm shaking off some animation rust anyhow.


Rupees and pots are a slightly unusual place to start! What's the player character(s) like, what's the scenario in a nutshell?

I don't think the colours are that bad but some of the rupees are oddly desaturated for gems and the lamps aren't lighting themselves up even :P, could do with a bit more oomph overall I reckon. I usually slop big areas of flat colour over the prospective scene to get a feel for the scheme before actually getting down to working up individual elements.

Not sure about the dither shadows or 1pix outlines on the titles, LttP had a lot of nice fat black lines and shadows. I might have a fiddle later but it's too late for me here atm.

Music sounds authentic, are you using an old Zelda soundtrack soundfont?

2D & 3D / Re: Idyllic icons
« on: January 14, 2014, 02:43:33 am »
I'm sure sure what the scene is, what's the concept?

Icons are usually pretty graphic; primary colours, big central icon etc. this looks a bit indistinct and forgettable yet. I find the text pretty hard to read; I'd actually be tempted myself to simply quarter the icon with the 4 letters, find a nice colour scheme, then concentrate on scaling that interestingly if you want to use per-pixel technique on each scale. 

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Castle of the Winds
« on: January 14, 2014, 02:06:51 am »
Thanks guys!

I see what you mean ‘bout the frame order, I had it like that so the full silhouette of the upstroke frame would be the resting one, I redrew both a bit more realistically (realised it was missing a webbed tail, looked kinda like a zubat) and a sorta swoop attack. Googled ‘bat attack’ with mixed results.

The red was the only colour that I found to fit for the goblin eyes, I guess I don’t mind the harshness as much, ‘cos that’s how I knew it in the original.

Good to know there’s someone else invested in the game here! To swap out the char icon: it doesn’t seem to like modern implementations of the .ico format; I think you’d have to use contemporary software, I remember having a go once myself, more trouble than it’s worth perhaps.

I can’t really see much beyond my own interpretations of the sprites at this point but I thought the snake outline (at least the resting one) was ok, howdja mean? I wasn’t happy with the animation myself so I tried something with a bit more snap that I like lot better; intended as something like a boa for contrast with the other, viper-type snake.   

Here next to the old:

Just realised I had the dungeon room bg as dark dither instead of cyan; I should really give it a playthrough or two again myself for research purposes. Not much progress on the tiles to post yet.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#224 - Castle of the Winds - Gameart Revamp
« on: January 13, 2014, 08:21:19 pm » a fondly remembered shareware roguelike for windows, probably a bit dated looking on launch! (in 1991), 16 colour windows icon palette and quite basic Ďprogrammer artí no real detriment to its playability (procedural dungeons help as does a pretty sweet bestiary and breadth of items and magic). The gameís about beating up hordes of monsters, taking their lunch money and exploring the great unknown; pretty addictive.

I think the sprites are an interesting challenge for a remake in terms of presentation: not scaled with size or related in space to the map, (almost) static; potential for playing with perspective and cropping. I'm sticking to approximately the original restrictions here for the authentic experience.

Screens on Mobygames
Youtube playthrough
Pretty great breakdown on Strategywiki
Download (now released in full as freeware, should be fine on XP, not so much Vista+)

Player avatars: not at all tempted to give them any more clothes, I think the blue underwear is quite iconic. Wasnít sure about the Simpsons skin (also tried dither as the original), but I think it works dampened by the grey midtone, and in context of the colour limitations. Iím trying to avoid outlining everything despite the palette. Thinking now that the female version was supposed to have braids so might try that later.

No animation for the guy because I couldn't settle on a nice anticipatory resting frame at the time, and Iím a bit sick of him right now. I sort of stumbled onto doing the attack frame animations while sketching alternate poses and Iím really glad for it. Quite aside from the characterisation opportunities it really helps to get a better feel of the character in space, and to break out of more obvious solutions on corresponding frames, Iíll be doing this more in future.

First bunch of monsters! (thereís about 60 or so in the game, aka more than Iím realistically going to have a go at). Iím quite pleased with the giant rat and little humanoids (Goblin/Kolbold), despite some suspect footwork goblin wise that I may revisit (it being retroactively designated animation), not quite convinced with the neon snake yet; maybe it needs some markings/colour variety. The batís flapping is a poor excuse for an attack I know but I dunno where to go with that; darting forward a bit? A little red mouth would contrast alright. Monsters are only ever seen on the white dungeon background so any colour combo is fair game.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Gothic Dieselpunk
« on: January 12, 2014, 06:22:28 pm »
Some ambitious stuff here, love the new short, luminous shadows.

I just wanted to call attention to the predominance of flat off-grey midtone and linework detailing in that mockup; I was drawn to the wall by the stairs for the softer, more tonal treatment and I think some hue/value differentiation between building and pavement or road would add a lot. Maybe you want quite a bleak, gritty street scene but it's something to keep an eye on.

I don't think the opposite arm needs to move in the weapon anim; seems like it's being pulled out, actually I think having the blade appear without any obvious effort might reinforce a deadly-cool-beam-of-energy feeling. The weapons are one long banding staircase atm which is kinda inevitable I guess, but you could try some alternate, less lightsabery effects like pulsing shades rather than the static neon/white/neon.

On looking less like a robot: I was thinking you could make clear that there's no-one inside by not giving them the room :P; making it a little less proportionally humanoid. I also removed some colours I didn't think were adding much, and that might make animations more streamlined.

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